Ананас для похудения

Probably you have already heard about that pineapple slimming – it’s surprisingly simple and affordable tool, which causes fat to melt away almost before our eyes. No smoke without fire? But not everybody knows what this fruit from distant and exotic countries gained fame in the environment of people with excess weight. Moreover, it is unlikely that you have heard that the fetus, there are evident contra-indications.

Useful properties

If we talk about the benefits to our body as a whole brings the consumption of fruit, one can note that it is a valuable source of potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, and iodine. Especially rich in fruit vitamins A, C and group e, therefore, include both the fresh fruit in your diet will not be superfluous. In result, you can get rid of anemia, beriberi, atherosclerosis, susceptibility to colds and many other ailments, and protect itself against the development of cancer.

But even this is not valued in the breed ” exot ” modern women. The matter is that in the core of the fruit concentrated bromelain. This substance contributes to the rapid assimilation of food and actively participates in the processes of metabolism, bringing them back to normal. The presence of the enzyme just says «burning» a taste of immature fetus. The ripe pineapple such едкости does not happen.

However, according to recent studies, bromelain only affects the proteins, managing to split them until they were transformed in the body fat. Not in favor of pineapples for weight loss the fact that the size of the enzyme molecules are too large to be absorbed into the blood through the intestinal wall. It turns out that a substance which is perceived as жиросжигателя, simply split into smaller fragments, which are not so active as to address the subcutaneous fat.

So pineapple weight loss that is popular with stars and ordinary people, not so effectively. But not useless. Because fruit refers to products with negative calorie-that is, on the digestion which the body uses more calories than they contain.

Ways of consumption

The pineapple liqueur. For home cooking of such a facility will need a ripe fruit and vodka. Fruit перемелите or meat in a blender along with peel (bromeline contains the maximum amount). Pour the substance vodka (500 ml) and store it in a cool place for a week. Ready to take this cure tablespoon twice a day for half an hour before meals. The course lasts not more than two months, after which the break is recommended. The maximum effect can be achieved if you are going to add to the process of losing weight physical activity and some protein diet.

Slimming choose only ripe pineapple. Not to get too disappointed unpleasant taste the fruit, do it the same way you do when buying a watermelon. Simply tap the fruit. If it is ripe, you hear a loud ringing sound, and if not – then will exotic «chant» muffled.

Fat-burning capsules and other dietary Supplements. Such supplements are many. Take for example the drug «Pineapple Витатера». Here is the principal component is the same bromelain, about the benefits and uselessness of which you have read above.

Herbal Tea «Pineapple» which , in addition to extract the most exotic fruit contain more and grass Senna, known as a powerful laxative. So that the benefits of such a drink under great doubt – the manufacturer of the product, under the cover of the highly publicized use of exotic fruit, trying to «provisional government» buyer tool that will actively bowel cleansing, and at the same time to flush out of the body nutrients.

Natural smoothie. For the preparation of these dense desserts you will need favorite and healthy ingredients – pineapple, kiwi fruit, citrus fruit, oatmeal and some ice. All the components are mixed in a blender. Smoothies quenches the thirst and hunger, so perfect for snacking during the day as well as light and nutritious dinner.

You can also periodically to arrange fasting days or follow the principles of the pineapple diet. Just be aware that if you have gastritis with high acidity or stomach ulcer, use this exotic fruit impossible. Not worth enrich them a diet of pregnant and lactating women.

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