плацентарная косметикаPlacental cosmetics has no such distribution and reputation as other categories of the same family. Women happily and safely trust in her appearance products based on natural plant extracts, cosmetics luxury brands, which isn’t cheap, and placental many ignore. This is due to low awareness and large biases that exist and are heated by specialists. What is this controversial placental cosmetics?

Development, the essence of which is reduced to the introduction of new cosmetic realities are not the first year. Very well visible on an example of stem cells that scientists are trying to «tame» for a variety of medical purposes, and of which so much talk in recent years. Application of stem cells and the use of the placenta is a new platform in medicine and cosmetology, simplified meaning of which is the treatment like themselves. In other words, for the restoration of the organism uses its own resources and are not alien to him components of vegetable or synthetic origin.



The use of the placenta in cosmetology far not a novelty, because the era of placental cosmetics began in the middle of the last century. In 1958 on the American market there were two state-of-funds – cream and the elixir of youth Natale, created with the participation of placenta extract. They entered in a new line of brand DuBarry and became the «first signs», предвещающими beginning of a new era in the beauty industry. This unique development of modern cosmetology shall OU Lambert-Hudnut pharmaceutical companies Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical Co., the specialists of which for the first time in the history of practically demonstrated the properties of the human placenta.

During the following years of study its impact on the organism is not stopped, there were new cosmetics and later brand, focused on the issue only placental cosmetics. Surprise may seem that in Russia this innovation caught on particularly well. But it is connected with a number of curious reasons, mainly ethical.


Unexpected conflict

The placenta is the organ that is provided by nature as in the human body and in the body of animals, hatching their young. In European countries officially banned from use in cosmetics elements of human organs is in Russia has always been presented as an advantage placental funds. So when a customer wants to buy the cream with placenta, most likely he will have to choose from a wide range of Russian brands, and not foreign.

Placental cosmetics may seem a challenge to Russian cosmetics industry, the representatives of which want to stand out at the international cosmetic market. And not just in the fact that in many countries, unlike Russia, these funds banned. Foreign colleagues of Russian scientists insist that the components of the human and animal placenta, which are positioned as necessary to preserve youth and beauty of the skin can easily be found in other sources, and it is true. Valuable hyaluronic acid, a set of vitamins and other components you can easily get other way. But persistence manufacturers placental cosmetics does not meet such resistance in the homeland, so brands live, multiply and thrive, excluding each other endlessly competing in efficiency.


Brands placental cosmetics

The most famous name, manufacturer of placental cosmetics, is Plazan. This brand represents a rich range of products for women, which are not only in demand among customers, but also awarded several international prizes.

Another Russian placental cosmetics – Evinal. This brand includes a diverse line of hair care, prevents and останавливающую loss, ухаживающую of the scalp. Also in Marche presented and other means, rejuvenating and stimulating creams and lotions and the body. Cosmetics Evinal has a rather low price, which makes it placental funds available to a wide circle of consumers.

Low price typical for the Ukrainian placental cosmetics «Ялма». This means brands contain placentae, cosmetics is positioned as a non-hormonal.

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