Many of us know the phrase «all diseases of the nerves,» but all the same not apply gently to his nervous system and take to heart all the little things in life. Unconsciously become victims of the disease neurosis. Neurosis is the most common disease in people, which is not dependent on age and gender, caused by the influence of various traumatic factors. Characteristic features of neuroses is very unexpected and sudden mood changes, severe irritability, hysteria, depression, fears.
Популярные методы и способы лечения неврозов 1
If you ask how is Treatment of neurosis it will be clear that there is quite a variety of methods and ways of treatment. However, we note that the treatment is always assigned and carried out individually, i.e. for reasons of origin of the disease, treatment is prescribed. As a rule, the basis for the emergence of neuroses is the gene, which is the cause of endogenous depression. In this case, the most effective, and thus the correct way to treat it special reception antidepressants have противотревожным action. Results of treatment appear almost every other day after he began taking drugs. The first sign is that a person suffering from neurosis and improved sleep. As General anxiety during the day, decreases in just six to seven days after the commencement of the use of antidepressants. The approximate term of antidepressants is 1 month, and then within 15-20 days gradually reduced the dosage of medications.

If the cause of neurosis is fatigue, then just restored power protection of the nervous system. In this situation appointed drugs that stimulate blood circulation and improves the metabolism in the brain cortex. Improve the General condition appointed vitamins. It is also important to normalize sleep, it gives an opportunity to normalize the functioning of the nervous system.
Популярные методы и способы лечения неврозов
When the cause of neurosis is the circularity on any disturbing thoughts, then compulsory treatment becomes psychotherapy. Perfectly helps learning different techniques of relaxation. In the end, a person himself can easily adjust their emotional state, eliminate anxiety etc.

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