In anticipation of the warm spring and hot summer, every woman wants to look bright and stylish, bright and beautiful manicure is the perfect way to change the images, not to spend too much money.
Популярные виды маникюра: сезон весна-лето 20154
This season, we should pay attention not so much on the color of the nail Polish, but on its texture, which provides new and unusual combinations. That’s why every professional Studio manicure has acquired the necessary funds in the form of granules, mirror films, velour powder, varnish, crackle and supplementary ornamental items. With their help, the wizard can create up to 10 kinds of completely different styles of manicure that will perfectly complement any outfit.
Популярные виды маникюра: сезон весна-лето 2015
So, for example, by using monochrome or multi-colored granules, superimposed on a conventional lacquer coating, creates a “caviar” manicure, different rough surface and high durability. Velour powder deposited on the lacquer-based, allows you to create the nail coating with soft fibers, but the disadvantage of this “hairy” manicure is its fragility. For craquelure of manicure should be used crackle varnish, which dries cracks and creates the effect of “antique” finish, which looks perfect on long nails. Not less than the fresh vylazit on nails manicure Ombre created by artists using paints of different shades, put on the sponge.
Популярные виды маникюра: сезон весна-лето 20153
If we talk about the use of decor, the real trend of the season was “newspaper nails”, created from pieces of old Newspapers, “lace manicure made using the pasted elements of lace, and “precious manicure to recreate which you can use chains and spikes, rhinestones and metal balls, and also to do the piercing to wear on your nails neat ring with suspension.

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