with powder.
  • The excess powder off the remaining nail dust lightly rubbing with a sponge to the surface to obtain a mirror finish.
  • Repeat the procedure with all the nails one by one.
  • Cover nails transparent fixing gel-lacquer and again dried under the lamp.



  • Without fixing the gel coating mirror manicure will not stay long on the nails.
  • If you have no UV lamp or gel Polish or powder with mirror effect, contact the master of manicure.
  • The best Foundation for Polish mirror nail Polish is semi-permanent basis, rather than fake nails.


Suitable for mirror manicure

Mirror manicure looks better on short nails almond shape. Long, pointed nails will look pretty gross. Mirror manicure cannot be combined with short shorts, high heels and big jewelry. Better if it is casual style, simple and elegant.

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