пудраPowder – one of the most feminine items cosmetic bags, and it was always. In the same gesture, when she pulls out a stylish compact from her purse and delicately промакивает face, there is something incredibly attractive. More sophisticated looks the use of powder with vintage accessories, such as a large lush puff, sitting in an old mirror. Once it was a daily ritual, which over time has undergone significant changes. Modern powder fits in the palm, but the range of its activities is much wider than a few centuries ago.


Бледнолицая aristocracy

Tradition выбеливать person came to us from Ancient Egypt, and it is associated not with the canons of the ancient beauty, and with the pagan beliefs. Then it was thought that a person can protect themselves from evil spirits, if выбелит face and body, because he becomes like a disembodied beings from the other world. They will accept him and spared, focusing on the holders of the tanned shiny skin.

Only after passing through the pagan tradition, people have started to apply powder as a means for obtaining a white skin as an indicator of beauty and aristocracy.

East and West of the country there were similar powder, which later began to be made of rice flour, helped to find pale skin as a sign of higher social class. Did both women and men.

About the seventeenth century, when it was during the middle ages and luxury apparel and cosmetics were not banned, representatives of blue blood started using the powder for the face, body and hair, emphasizing fine idleness of its existence, and the difference between the peasants, whose face and hands differed strong bronze tan. To powdered faces looked natural and were not similar to the tragic mask, they traced wreaths, not forgetting the stress sculptural face blush.


Modern powder

пудраPowder close to the modern, and not like a sprinkle flour on his face, began producing in the twentieth century, when the beauty industry began to develop leaps and bounds, and formulas of cosmetics grew more difficult and complex. Currently powder is not a way to skin whitening and cosmetics, which allows the person looking healthy and radiant, completing makeup soft silky matte or Shine.

Powder is a different shape (crisp and compact) and destination (matting, bronzer, giving radiance). Increasingly cosmetic brands include in their collections baked or compact многоотеночные powder. The last two types are born from a desire to make this tool multifunctional.


Loose powder

Loose powder is the ancestor of all other types of this tool. It is not so popular, but it continues to produce due to the high demand for any vintage. Loose powder valued for women velvety they attach to the person. Most often such powder remain on the dresser, because carry it with me in my purse and use outside the home is extremely difficult. To apply such a powder puff or a wide brush. If you want to decorate your home such a case powder, choose a high quality brand, where the powder particles are very small and do not clog the pores, as it often happens with less expensive counterparts.


Compact powder

пудраCompact powder differs from the previous in that it pressed and placed in a small flat case. The compact пудрам already attached with a sponge. The undeniable advantage of a compact powder before loose is its practicality. Its easy to carry, and repaired the makeup if necessary. But every road and quality of the powder in it sooner or later (with the active application rather sooner) accumulates a large number of microorganisms, which are constantly transferred from the person to cosmetics.

To avoid infection, which is especially important for problem skin, as frequently as possible to change спонжи. If you oily skin that needs матировании all day, try to refrain from the permanent запудривания brilliant zones. Carry matting napkins, which have antibacterial effect, neatly промакивая problem areas.


Types of compact powder

Compact powder subdivided into several types according to their cosmetic purpose. It may be Mat with a light semi-transparent covering, but it could be with the radiance effect, with бронзирующим effect and the inclusion of several shades. The first type is clear – this powder is needed to matting skin and alignment tone. Powder with radiance effect have tiny reflective particles that are recommended dull or aging skin with wrinkles, which become imperceptible. Bronzing or sun powder requires skill in applying it needs to impose certain areas to create the effect of a relief of a person. Using these powders can adjust the shape, visually hide chin and, of course, to give it effect terrace. Such powders are in one line with a blush, but their pigments have less saturated.

And bronzer and powder of General application may have several shades, and cosmetic brands are made from such funds real works of art.

Opening the pot, you can see carved flower or any other image that form the different shades, among which there are both natural (pink, beige)and unexpected, for example, lilac. These kinds of powder deprive a person of a mask effect, all shades mix and naturally fall on the skin. Optionally, you can use the different areas face different shades lighter or tanning.

A few shades blend in the powder in the form of balls. Such means are good only for home use, they give the face a natural-toned and radiance.

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