PradaItalian brand Prada in 2013 celebrated its centenary. It’s hard to believe, because of its majestic narcissism so responds to the spirit of modernity, you would think that mark is very young and in such a simple way its creative composition tries to conquer the fashion Olympus. But all олимпы has long conquered than Prada shall not so much to its founders, how many subsequent generations in the face of the main trendsetters – Миучче Prada, perpetuating the hostess of the big house.


Family history

Italian fashion is often a family business that starts with a small Studio or a shop, then growing a vast network covering the whole world. Prada has not become an exception, as it began its history in 1913 shop of leather goods, who held Mario Prada, the founder of the brand. Shop called Fratelli Prada («Brothers Prada»), and it was located in Milan, the capital of Italian fashion, where to this day is the headquarters of the brand.

Italy has long been associated with bags quality leather and sold brand Fratelli Prada with great success, which soon led the brand expanded to transcend the native country and even the Atlantic. In the seventies products Fratelli Prada could buy both North and South America. Successful realization of goods guarantee the fundamental difference from that produced by other brands.

At the same time rapidly developing business other Italian brands – Gucci, too, the family, and also specializing in the production of leather goods. But while big family Gucci were completely torn creative, administrative and financial plan, the family Prada worked smoothly, developing common cause, passing it on to the next generation. In 1958, the company inherited Louise Prada, daughter Mario, and twenty years later the reins of the management Board passed to her daughter – Миучче Pradet, which entered the history as one of the most influential personalities in modern fashion.


Birth of a legend

In 1988 appeared collection of Prada – was born a new brand name, short, concise and memorable. Miuccia with his partner, and later her husband Patrizio Bertelli began not just for the development of the brand and strengthen their existing positions. She went into her comprehensive enrichment, expansion of assortment of production and promotion. Thanks to the efforts of Миуччи, her business acumen and non-trivial creative thinking Prada was not just a fashion brand, which produces high-quality clothing and accessories.

Name Prada became a common noun, wear Prada – it means to be successful and confident, not afraid of oblique views towards the compound design their outfits. And what it takes to thank, once again supported by cinema. Films «the Devil wears Prada» and «Prada and feelings once again proved that it is not just a brand, but a symbol of status, which must be conquered or to which we have to grow up.

In 1992 Miuccia Prada has matured to the need to offer a more democratic clothes, which increased demand, but which could not be found in the collections of Prada, producing exceptionally expensive things. Thus was born a new brand Miu Miu (on behalf of Miuccia), focused on young consumer and style, and value. In 1997, a line Prada Sport, in 2000, was the release of the cosmetic line Prada Beauty, in 2004, was released the first perfume. Currently mark is part of the Empire Prada Group, which includes brands Prada, Miu Miu, and Shoe brands Italian Car Shoe and the oldest English Church’s.


Shock and chic modern fashion

The secret to long-term success and Prada that its creative Director in the person of Миуччи Прады not afraid to listen to your instincts and act literally ahead, despite the courage of his creative ideas that no one else could implement with the same confidence and dignity. Prada often accused of provocative style, which she repeatedly uses in their collections. It can be expressed in a strange design, at first glance неносибельном, in controversial advertising campaigns, for example, with the involvement of models-girls. For those fancy tricks Prada is condemned by many as representatives of the fashion community, and her once-fans and advocates of public morality. But Miuccia continues to go on your road, releasing fur shoes, fancy dresses-kimono points ugly thick-rimmed, coat of artificial fur in which the models are analogous animated plush toys.

The brand’s style was formed for decades, so now she is not afraid of public opinion. She can be all that difficult to imagine in the collection of the second grade reputation obliges relate to the brand with reverence. After all, it’s Prada – strange, diabolical, uncomfortable, sometimes путающаяся in his quirkiness and trends complicate the already difficult things. But it has always been and will remain a compelling brand, models from which it is impossible to look away. For this and works Signora Prada, for it is love and hate simultaneously.

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