Every spring begins for girls in the same way. They all begin to lead yourself and your body in order to buy tickets in fitness clubs, plan a vacation. Of course, no one can not do without search elegant swimsuit.

The fashion trend of this season are swimsuits style “halter”. They prefer girls with a sports figure. So if you buy a swimsuit will accentuate the embossed tummy, beautiful shoulders and thick hands. The straps of this collar can be different in width and they fasten behind the neck. The advantage of this model is that girls with curvy hips can hide them due to the wide straps that start from the heats.

Another season of fashion do not go swimwear with thin straps. They are like slim and petite girls, not having the extra inches. Colors as possible open swimwear this season range from soft pastel tones to bright and Sunny shades.

A very popular retro-style swimsuits that have the Empire waist. This type is ideal for girls with imperfect parameters the waist. Slender ladies this swimsuit can boast of the elegance of its forms.

Manner to fully open the shoulders applies not only to clothing. Many models of swimwear does not include straps. They represent a very wide bodice, perhaps even the type of sport that can reach the length of even up to the waist and rather closed bottoms.

Straps, fences, fringe and ruffles became fashionable with the addition of two piece swimwear this season. It details well-suited to knitted swimwear models or embroidered with decorative buttons or zippers.

Very unique and will look unusual swimwear, the top and bottom of which are cut different types and colors. Tunics, shirts and shawls became fashionable addition to the suit. Rhinestones and chunky jewelry also underline the elegance of the owner of such a model. It would seem quite different and incompatible parts models swimsuit you can collect, creating a fashionable image. Print this season also has a certain rigor. Also popular geometric shapes, stripes, asymmetry, different length and width of fabric of the swimsuit.

The diversity and individuality of the models of swimsuits brings every summer. Monochromatic and multi-colored, open and closed, with and without sleeve, knitted and plain fabrics will do the image of each ladies individual.

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