Bad experience of washing down jackets have with many women. Partly this situation is due to the fact that information about how to care for down jackets, people draw on various websites and forums. But every thing requires an individual approach.

Incorrect washing jackets spoil very often. So the safest way is to give the product in dry cleaning. But what to do when there is not enough time or use the hotel’s dry cleaning do not let finances?

You should carefully read the inscriptions on the label to see whether it is possible to wash the product. A message about a certain mode of washing, for example, at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees – not for the sake of. These instructions should be followed. Then need to detach the fur and other accessories, and the jacket turned inside out. To fluff was not lost, the machine must be put several balls for tennis (2-3 will suffice).

To properly choose and detergent. So, it is best to use liquid containing no bleach. After washing and rinsing should be good to shake the jacket to Pooh “sold”. If he’s going to a certain part of the product, be sure to flatten it with your hands.

The jacket should be washed by hand, but do not soak. If contamination is minor, it is better to hang the item over a basin and to prewash fabric in warm water with liquid detergent. Then the Pooh will not become wet. After washing the product does not need to wring hands, dry straightened.

Meanwhile, experts caution against frequent washing of the jackets, especially at home. With frequent erase such a product loses and appearance, and the ability to protect from the cold. In addition, frequent washing may lead to saturation of the fabric, and the jacket will start to get wet.

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