Пляжная диета

Is not the first decade of the presidential diet, developed by the American doctor Agatston, recognized as one of the most useful, effective and delicious methods of losing weight. The power supply system is known by other names – diet-South beach and beach diet. And his “presidential” status method due to the fact that it is known by fans in his time was the Clintons.

The secret of popularity?

Presidential diet many doctors all over the world is considered a real breakthrough in the field of nutrition. On the one hand, technique helps guaranteed to lose weight, on the other – it has on the body present therapeutic effect, providing protection for the heart and blood vessels from atherosclerosis. It is worth to note that the power system was designed as “life”, that is, to adhere to it should always those who have the above mentioned health problems and wants once and for all get rid of extra pounds.

But along with a whole list of advantages, duration beach diet is no longer seems such an obvious disadvantage. We will mention only the most important advantages that have already appreciated the huge number of Americans and people from other countries, in particular from Russia:

  • a varied diet with whom life will not seem bland and tasteless;
  • gradual weight loss, which is not detrimental to health;
  • very flexible schedule of eating as a guarantee that you will not feel hunger;
  • the real decrease in insulin and cholesterol, which is a “stumbling block” for many people suffering from overweight;
  • the South beach diet, there are practically no contraindications – only in case of serious diseases technique should not be used;
  • the result is saved for years to come.

Stages of weight loss

Phase 1. Duration – 2 weeks. Expected result is minus 3-7 kg This is the most severe stage of the presidential diet, during which you will start setting up your metabolism at the normal way. The importance of this phase and that you will gradually lose the dependence on sweet and get used to eat healthy. You will have to carefully consider the choice of products.

Under the strict ban are explicit (candies, cakes, ice cream etc) and hidden sugar (fructose, glucose, sucrose, sugar syrup, dextrose). Limited to the consumption of carbohydrates and fats. Beach diet requires exclusion from the menu, pastry products, cereals, fruits, potatoes, corn, carrot, beet, fatty meat, dairy products, fatty cheese, yoghurt, any alcohol. Do not worry, the next stages of techniques, many of these taboos are rehabilitated.

But now you have to eat low-fat cheese, low fat cheese, nuts, lean meats and fish. Unlimited presidential diet allows allowed to consume vegetables, lettuce, fresh herbs. Salads refuel with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. It is preferable gentle heat treatment products – cooking, stewing, steaming, baking. Power mode – 6 times a day.

Phase 2. The second phase of the South beach diet unlimited in time – eat in accordance with the recommendations of Dr. Arthur Agatston until, until you reach the desired result. Eat you also need to write often. In the menu you can add all sorts of Goodies, in particular allowed to eat a piece of bread a day, to eat cereals, fruits, good wine. Watch your weight – if during the week you fold less than 500 g, so too relaxed,” and will have to zoom in menu, 1 phase.

Phase 3. At this stage of the presidential diet is already not the purpose of directly losing weight. Here it is important to maintain the achieved result and get pleasure from the transition to a new, healthier lifestyle. Power mode – 4 meals a day. begite harmful to figure products – potatoes, pasta, white rice, white bread and confectionery products, you will be much easier.

Allowed bread (not in every meal) and cereals from whole grains, but not “Aparici” fast preparation. In the daily diet should include fruits and berries. When cooking add serves a minimum of salt. Welcome consumption of fresh vegetable and diluted fruit juices, mineral water without gas, tea without sugar. Also 2-3 times a week you can pamper yourself with a glass of dry wines.

Sample menu for each day


Monday, Friday. Breakfast: 1-2 eggs, tomato juice, 2 slices of chicken fillet, coffee. Lunch: 70 g of cheese with herbs and half of tomato. Lunch: salad “Caesar” without toast with a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. Tea time: 120 g of cheese, 100 g salad with cucumbers and tomatoes. Dinner: marine fish, cauliflower salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and red pepper. Late dinner: 70 g of cottage cheese.

Tuesday. Saturday. Breakfast: tomato juice, a piece of cheese, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, unsweetened tea. Lunch: 70 g of cottage cheese or cheese. Lunch: chicken breast, cucumbers, greens. Afternoon snack: mushrooms, salad “Whisk”. Dinner: fish with vegetables, salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. Late dinner: curd.

Environment. The resurrection. Breakfast: tomato juice, 1 egg, 2 slices of poultry meat, and coffee. Lunch: mozzarella. Dinner: fish, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes. Afternoon snack: stew braised vegetables. Dinner: lean meats, mushrooms, salad with vegetables. Late dinner: fat cheese.

Thursday. Breakfast: a glass of vegetable juice, scrambled eggs of 2 eggs, unsweetened tea. Lunch: 70 g of cheese. Lunch: lean meats, Greek salad. Afternoon snack: a cheese salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. Dinner: marine fish, broccoli. Late dinner: curd.


Monday, Friday. Breakfast: a glass of 1 % of yogurt, half a pear or an Apple, coffee. Lunch: orange. Lunch: salad “Caesar”. Afternoon snack: 100 g of cheese, salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. Dinner: fish, vegetable stew. Late dinner: curds with nuts.

Tuesday, Saturday. Half a Cup of oatmeal fat-free milk, orange juice, coffee. Lunch: a hard-boiled egg. Lunch: fish, green salad, a slice of bread. Afternoon snack: pear, low-fat yogurt. Dinner: lean meats, zucchini, a piece of bread, vegetable salad. Late dinner: cottage cheese, 2 slices of dark chocolate.

Wednesday, Sunday. Breakfast: tomato juice, egg, a piece of bread, and coffee. Lunch: 100 g of cottage cheese. Lunch: lean meat, a piece of bread, vegetable salad. Afternoon snack: cheese, half an Apple. Dinner: chicken breast, salad. Late dinner: baked Apple.

Thursday. Breakfast: a glass of yoghurt, pear, tea. Lunch: 70 g of cheese, a half of a tomato. Lunch: Turkey, buckwheat, vegetable salad. Afternoon snack: curds with nuts, half an Apple. Dinner: fish, vegetables, a piece of bread. Late dinner: curd.


Monday, Friday. Breakfast: oatmeal with milk, walnuts, boiled egg, a slice of bread, coffee. Lunch: vegetable soup, lean meats, grilled tomato, a piece of bread. Dinner: grilled fish, vegetable stew, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes. Late dinner: cheese, berries, half a Cup of milk.

Tuesday, Saturday. Half a Cup of berries, yogurt, unsweetened tea. Lunch: okroshka on kefir, a slice of bread, ham. Dinner: shrimp, wild rice, vegetable salad, a glass of wine. Late dinner: yogurt, pear.

Wednesday, Sunday. Apple, omelette with tomatoes and greens, a piece of bread, tea. Lunch: 2 slices of bread, ham, 2 slices of melon. Dinner: salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper, lean meat, 2 potatoes. Late dinner: yogurt and berries.

Thursday. Breakfast: peach, squash pancakes and coffee. Vegetable soup, lean meats, salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and greens, Apple. Dinner: fish, vegetable garnish. Late dinner: yogurt, walnuts.


Marina, 29. Not so effective is the presidential diet. At least not understand why it is called a beach. If you plan to freshen up before the start of the bathing season, act should start as early as possible. It’s not the Express method. Basically weight goes well in the first phase. Well as well – two weeks I lost almost 7 kg After this, the process slows down sharply. Kilo go, but not so willingly. Because he was getting thinner with a friend for a couple, then carefully wrote down all the agreements reached on the South beach diet results. Then it made a sort of statistics – a day on average PD we have lost 120 g, which in terms of weeks is less than 1 kg, So it looks all nice, but the reality is very long in coming.

Oksana, 36 years old. Excellent method of weight loss has developed a doctor Agatston. Ideal for those who not only stupid wants to lose weight, and stay healthy. And it’s great for me personally, because with the “hungry” diets my willpower was never friends. Food variety. Although the system was originally designed for amerikalik, the products are all familiar and available for Russia. I was able to reset during 1.5 months 9 kg, which is not returned. The secret of success is simple – for the whole period of practice, I was retrained to eat healthy.

Anastasia, 31. My weight all right, but sat with her husband (he’s our family’s main source of excess weight”)to a loved one to support. I can say, this is the best that can be created for adults capricious child is male. Detailed menu every day, did not create even the slightest headache about what to prepare for the presidential diet – all recipes are very simple, hearty and delicious. In the end, “we” have already lost 8 kg But there is still a 3 phase, so this is not the limit!

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