It would seem that your figure fits you: its proportions are close to perfect, the skin is still young and beautiful color. But there was a terrible white stripes on the abdomen or thighs? This stretch marks or striae. In most cases they appear in women during pregnancy, but rather after the birth and after rapid weight loss over a short period of time. Often concerned about the appearance of stretch marks on the body occurs in girls who are planning to become pregnant or are already pregnant.

As a preventive, not curative, can perform a variety of creams and gels, which includes chestnut extracts and chamomile, tea tree oil, elastin, collagen, vitamins a, E and C. these ingredients are responsible for increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

However, in many ways the appearance of stretch marks depends on your genetics. If your mother or grandmother they were, then chances are that you will also suffer from them. But it does not mean you have to stay idle. Beauticians recommend in any case to use special tools that will make stretch marks less noticeable. If you want to get rid of stretch marks permanently, then you need to pay attention to ways to treat stretch marks.

1. Exfoliation removes the top layer of cells and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. It is very stressful for the skin procedure. Peels are of two types:

mechanical (surface) peeling is performed by using a special apparatus, which affects the skin by a stream of air or sand. This method only visibly reduces stretch marks, without removing them completely;

- chemical (middle) peeling occurs penetration into the deeper layers of the epidermis by skin exposure trichloroacetic or alphahydroxy acids. This procedure is similar to the operation and is under General anesthesia. Because of the high toxicity and contraindications he increasingly loses its position. It replaces the laser peel, which is also the median. Today the most popular method of getting rid of stretch marks, despite a three-month training period (skin nourish special creams that contain large quantities of vitamin C).

2. Mesotherapy is an operation in which perform microinjections of special cocktails, the main ingredients are collagen, amino acids, vitamins C and b, artichoke extract. Usually mesotherapy precedes or occurs after peeling.

Ways to prevent stretch marks:

- the possible places where you may see stretch marks, daily massage with oils of rosemary, which you can use even for pregnant women;
- get rid of stretch marks need until they are pink (immediately after their appearance). When they turn white, will make it much harder;
- during the execution of physical exercises don’t make too sudden movements.

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