The happiest and most joyful is the Newlyweds! For them, the Wedding day is important, especially, the vehicle on which the Couple will go to the fateful Journey on the waves of family life»! The groom is a figure of the «black»and «white»as is customary, plays a Bride! She chooses a beautiful dress, future spouse suit, the Celebration, and, of course, Auto, which together with the restriction will move in Day of Registration of the «Union of two loving Hearts»!
Принц, Принцесса на белом Мерседесе1
As it was earlier, «in the days of old»? A cortege of the «sixes» raced on the asphalt road to the Registrar. The «carriage of the past» not ускачешь. Times have changed and been replaced in the end.» Newlyweds in 2014 important move towards your Happiness and luxury car With or class D!
Selecting a white Mercedes, the Bride will be even stronger love of the bridegroom, and with joyful readiness to sign an important document about Registration of the marriage Union.

What criteria must meet the «parent» car of the wedding entourage? The answer is simple, big, beautiful, perfect condition, both exterior and interior, and safe. What should be the company that offers to rent a car for a wedding? The answer is even easier – that has always focused on their grateful primarily Brides.

In the garage of a company, which constantly grows and is updated, any most exacting Bride can choose for wedding car that meets the highest taste and consumer properties. Want a jeep or Executive sedan, want a limousine or a cult SUV – please!
Принц, Принцесса на белом Мерседесе3

rent a car for a wedding – a crucial moment. Lease terms, cost, culture driver, the vehicle’s condition – all these parameters are more concerned about the Groom. The inheritance of the Bride – the presence of elements of glamour, prestige of the brand and Admiring glances guests!

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