профессиональный макияжThere are days when shadows fall just perfect, and the arrows look like a professional makeup artist painted them, and sometimes it happens that eyelashes simply refuse to scroll, bronzer falls terrible uneven layer and just everything goes wrong. Apparently, these situations can be avoided, making professional makeup like a real artist.


Do not skimp on the hands and other instruments of makeup

Brush equally important as cosmetics that they cause. If you use cheap cosmetics and as cheap brushes, and don’t have a mastery of the present make-up artist, your make-up will look the carpet. However, if you replace cosmetics brush on high-quality products, you will notice how would that change your makeup, when the skills are the same. Therefore, if you want your makeup perfect look and work as professionals, to purchase a set of high-quality brushes. The average person is enough of a basic set consisting of eight to nine items:

  • Brush for applying makeup
  • Brush for applying concealer
  • Fluffy brush for applying powder
  • Blusher brush
  • A small brush, feather
  • Flat brush for applying shadows
  • Brush with oblique NIB
  • Brush, lipstick

It is very important to know how to properly use brushes. The result not least depends on how you hold the brush. The closer your fingers are located to the barrel (metal zone between the handle and the bristles), the more pressure you my hand, and on the contrary, the further fingers from this area, the less you press on the brush. If you want to achieve uniform application of cosmetic products, place your fingers on the center of the handle of the brush. By the way, round fluffy brush easily turn into a flat beveled, just grasp the brush tip hand squashed stubble and placing a hand under an angle.


Mix the base for make-up and make-up background

Today, the stores can be found base and Foundation of all kinds. Among all this diversity are the most popular means of liquid, into powdery and creamy consistency. If you want to reach full opaque covering, use the basis for make-up on cream basis, but if you want to achieve more transparent and easy to apply – mix cream base with primer. It is believed that the make-up base and Foundation makeup is the same, but it is not. Primer is imposed under the base for makeup, but by mixing these two tools, you can achieve a natural and uniform coverage, without the effect of weighting.

It is believed that the base for make-up on cream basis is not suitable for oily skin actually, this is a stereotype, which has long since dissipated. If you have oily skin, just apply a cream base with damp sponge. In most of the funds contain oils that contribute to a more uniform application but, if you apply a base with damp sponge, you grab the only pigment, not oil. Pigment mixed with natural sebum is able to provide a uniform and beautiful finish, without any gloss.

When dry skin base better to put a brush, gently hammering tool, special attention should be paid to Central zone of the face, this is an area tone the skin is most likely not very smooth and requires special correction. The farther from the center, the less dense should be a layer base for make-up.


Love their drawbacks, and then mask their

It is very important to correctly define the tone of your skin and know which colors can underline the beauty of the skin, and which will help you to hide undesirable shade. Very often in the area of the wings of the nose and chin skin has a reddish tint, and under the eyes are bluish-grey. The trick is that the opposite colors seem to overlap each other, that is concealer with a green pigment perfectly masks designated with the redness, orange concealer perfectly removes blue tinge to the skin. But the beige concealer or tool with a pigment the skin color contrast, do not disguise the problem areas, and allocate them, giving them an ugly dirty shade. Perfect makeup models is the knowledge of their shortcomings and correct choice of camouflage.


Can I change the shape of the face?

Features and shape of the face can be slightly changed with the help of makeup, and more precisely with the help of properly printed circuits, brightening or darkening certain areas of the face. The main principle is: anything that is lighter natural skin tone, allocates a particular area and makes it more visible, shades darker than the natural color of the skin, reduce this or that aspect, make it less than outstanding.

For example, you have a round face and you would like to give it a more oval shape. Apply bronzer two shades darker than your skin tone, whisky, hollows cheeks and chin. If you have a broad forehead, slightly dim forehead at the hairline. If you are concerned about a wide nose, apply a small amount of multi-hued, bronzing on the nasal bone, moving from the outer corner of the eyebrow. The centre of the nose to brighten. Slightly sagging chin, cheeks apply hightlight over the cheekbones, moving to the temple, directly on the cheekbone apply a small amount of Rouge, under the cheekbone apply bronzer. To emphasize the contours of the face will help hightlight brilliantly.


Eye makeup

With the help of makeup, you can change the shape of eyes, colour, make the eyes look more vivid and expressive. Close-set eyes will help to correct a slightly elongated shape of the century, this effect can be achieved by using the arrows at the top of the lower eyelid. If you have small eyes and make them more help beige shade inflicted on the lower eyelid. Then move lower and upper eyelid black pencil, connecting lines in the outer corner of the eye. Slightly soften lines, such approach will allow to allocate eyes and give sight plaque of languor and mystery.

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