To master the highest level, requires a lot of diligence, knowledge and practices. All conditions except the zeal to provide “Leader” — the Moscow educational center of international level, where able and know how to teach others.

Что выбрать: наращивание ногтей или покрытие шеллак3

Having the best team of teachers and proven effective teaching methods, “Leader” teaches their students professional nail almost 10 years. Following the appearance of new materials and technology education center constantly enters information about them in their educational program. The nails with the use of helium systems — multi-step and tedious work, all the details which you can learn with a coherent theoretical lessons and practical lessons. The focus in this training is focused on technology, on which the demand is extremely high. Very detailed and step-by-step flow of knowledge, application skills on models, error analysis, advice and assistance to masters impart students with professional skills in this specialty.

Что выбрать: наращивание ногтей или покрытие шеллак

The course, besides the study of helium technologies (forms, tips, a “living polymer”, correction, causes, and prevent the flaking of material, etc.), gives a extensive knowledge and skills, which is not possible without serious work good masters. A minor part of the study:
Anatomical knowledge of the nails and skin, infectious diseases, proper care , bactericidal treatment, contraindications.
The technique of nail strengthening in a variety of ways and materials.

Наращивание ногтей

  • Multilateral information about tips and work with them.
  • Nail acrylic materials, bio-gel, silk.
  • Modern professional tools, materials, accessories — work and treatment.
  • Mastering French manicure.
  • A short course in the psychology of working with clients.

Наращивание ногтей гелем calgel (1)

Theme nail design is given in such a as to allow you to develop and focus in this direction on their own. Teachers, experienced practitioners in the wizard will tell you where and how to choose the material to work with, to acquire tools that clients prefer and how to get started. Over forty academic hours students learn a large amount of theory and practical skills. Classrooms are well equipped, and the number of students in groups is small, that provides the intensive training.

Наращивание ногтей вредит вашему здоровью.2

Having studied the course, students receive a certificate, filled out in English and a certificate in Russian. In the Moscow salons, where well-known significant level of training company “Leader”, many of its graduates. Having mastered a full measure and even nail painting, you can begin to work quite independently. Finish optional courses for employment: possessing the knowledge and skills obtained in the center, it is always possible to have perfect hands, not depending on beauty salons and all sorts of circumstances.

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