First, what is needed for the proper care of skin is to avoid stressful situations. That is unfavorable factor? Hot water, cold winter and contact with household chemical goods. Many kinds of work in the house and in a garden it is necessary to perform protective gloves. Depending on the specifics of gloves can be rubber, silicone, or cotton.

Need hands
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Before to start to work on a garden site it is necessary to put on the skin cream, which includes glycerin or lanolin. This cream covers the skin with a protective film, and gloves to protect hands from various injuries. In addition, nourishing and moisturizing cream is applied before going to sleep, because it is during the rest of the skin has a chance to recover.

Do not forget about the nails

Not all know that the beauty and strength of the nails also depends on application of special creams. Using cosmetics desheli you can achieve maximum results. Now developed a lot of creams with simultaneous action for hands and nails (they also suitable for dry skin of the elbows). Clean nails better brush with natural bristles, artificial bristle will injure the skin of the fingers and the nails.

What should be the length of nails
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This choice depends on their condition and structure of a brush. Prone to frequent damage and exfoliating nails is better to leave a short. Strong and healthy nails can be longer. The owner of a long thin fingers fit nails average Dina. And long nails will aesthetic, short and full fingers. Do not forget that podpilivat nails nail file, you should move only in one direction. The habit to file them in different directions leads to damage to the nail plate.

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