Most movements per day occur in the hands, the skin is constantly exposed to negative influence of external factors. Proper daily care will allow the skin looks well-groomed and fashionable manicure will complete the image of stylish ladies, because if the nails are dirty, exfoliate, and even bitten, just to spoil the overall impression, the people look unkempt, so care must be an integral part of life as brushing your teeth morning and evening, it is not so difficult as it seems enough to observe a few simple rules :
Золотой маникюр3

  • external factors that is not in contact with no protective equipment chemicals, washing dishes, floors should wear rubber gloves;
  • contacts high and low temperature in the cold without gloves is better not to go;
  • exposure to direct sunlight, the handle is to smear protective cream;
  • For washing it is advisable to use soap. Daily use a moisturizing cream once a week, pamper your hands with a nourishing baths and masks.

The nails also require regular maintenance, it is desirable to do once a week, you can contact the salon, but you can do a manicure at home, it is advisable to adhere to fashion trends.

For example, this season’s layering, asymmetry in brand Isabel Benenato which in his mind reflects the ease and preordinate not easy to move at the same time feel stylishly dressed. Things brand Isabel Benenato, which you can see here, it is easy to combine, both among themselves and with those things that are already in the wardrobe. Getting dressed in the morning for work or school it is not always possible to say exactly how to end the day, returning home or a business meeting in a cafe and can be noisy party, this brand will allow any location to be properly dressed. And with a manicure it must be suitable under all situations, so they don’t have it every day as well. Currently very popular is shellac, it can be done every two weeks, it does not harm the nails and due to curing in the UV lamp keeps much longer than regular nail Polish, but due to the more dense texture allows you to make unique design.
Гелевые ногти 4
In any case, what kind of coverage you select if you regularly take care of hands, on time to do a manicure, you will always look stylish and fashionable.

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