The care of the body and its separate parts should be regular and thorough. When fans go to beauty salons should not forget about it even at home. So your nails stay healthy and strong need to conduct a number of procedures that help to strengthen them. Because it is hands nails can say about your health problems, for example when they are brittle and have a healthy colour.
Опрятный маникюр на каждый день
On the hand draws the attention of absolutely everyone, as a woman and a man. Besides the appearance of the hands to evaluate and accessories such as watches. Good branded watch is a sign of prosperity and good taste. Therefore, the rating of watch brands know can not hurt, so you can know the subtlety that will help to distinguish a fake and quality of the original product. If the arm has an expensive watch, the nails should always look perfect.
Insufficient care can cause nails will grow and damage the skin. Through tears and abrasions can penetrate the microbes that cause inflammation and more serious diseases.
Опрятный маникюр на каждый день
Of course, the structure of the nail depends on heredity, but it can change under the influence of the environment, to the nature of work and lifestyle. In order to maintain healthy skin and nails in the first place you need to reconsider your diet and to balance it, the food should be rich in all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Damaged and diseased nails have to grow, because they grow about 2 mm per month.
Маникюр без посещения салона
You can visit the salons or to make high-quality manicure at home, everyone decides for himself, to pay the money for a quality procedure or to save and to invite a fellow wizard or do-it-yourselfers. If the procedure is done at home, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness
tools. It is desirable to use a special cream that strengthen the nail plate and to do the bath, their recipes can tell any manicure.

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