Legs become beautiful and tidy “sexy” after a pedicure. In the salon it is made using the familiar tools (tweezers, nail file, razor), apparatus or using natural Spa products.
Грамотный уход за ногами1
The technology choice in the matter, what are satisfied with the price, still have time. And in the morning waiting for the most active Jogging track, which put on your favorite sneakers, can suddenly… to harden from the pain. And the blame will be the nail is buried in the folds of skin on each side of the finger. Correcting it has the ability to safely perform in the salon by using acrylic and tips. Because of this, the corners of the nail up, and it will not grow. It is convenient that acrylic dries instantly. Well-groomed nails will be saved in the next three months, when it does not feel any discomfort.

The corners of the nail can be separated from the skin with special protectors which are pasted. For the same purpose on it impose the so-called bracket Fraser, made of thin wire. To nail leveled off and is not rooted in the skin, there is a technology, when in two places is attached plate from stainless steel. It does not prevent to cover the nail varnish and invisible.
Грамотный уход за ногами3
Another type of correction nail – through plate-goldspam of gold. Advantages: it is thinner other materials, does not cause allergies, holding tight. The application by the way, if increased sensitivity side cushion nail, or is there a child’s leg. Depending, on the one hand ingrowth or both, put a plate with one or two bends. Contraindication in all cases – suppuration of the nail. When he grows up so that ingrown area ceases to injure your finger, devices are removed. And advice for the future – not to wear too tight shoes.

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