свойства березового сокаClear birch (also called SAP) looks like plain water, but the healing properties of birch SAP allow its use for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. The healers claim that those who in the spring of drink six to eight liters of the drink, in the course of a year do not get sick and feel great. So any good juice, really?


Whether to buy juice at the store?

The birch is mined in the spring, after the first thaw, but before the birch will reveal the kidneys. At this time in the trees abundantly move juices, and if you break a birch branch, or to make an incision in the bark, it is possible to obtain clear juice with a slight scent of freshness. Pleasant taste of the birch like a lot. This drink is perfectly toned and refreshing.

A lot is known about the use of birch SAP: purchased in bottles or packages with transparent liquid, many expect not only to treat yourself to a pleasant taste, but also to improve health. Unfortunately, such expectations are not always fulfilled. Truly healing is only fresh birch SAP, which can no more than two days stored in the refrigerator.

The juice was stored better in it add sugar, citric acid, preservatives. All these additives do not improve the quality of the drink.

Therefore, we should not exaggerate the beneficial properties of birch juice long term storage – often it’s just a pleasant-tasting drink, nothing more.

Ready birch juice with added sugar is not recommended for diabetics. Those who keep to a diet, you should consider that the addition of sucrose increases the energy value of the drink.

Of course, this does not mean that the finished juice is not necessary to buy and drink. Let this drink less healthy than fresh juice of the birch, but it is, nevertheless, perfectly tones, refreshes, stimulates the appetite and nourishes with vitamins. And juice, infused with medicinal herbs or berries, gets to the same useful properties of these products.


The composition of birch SAP

Birch SAP contains from one to four percent sugars, essential oils, vitamins, organic acids and tannins. In a liter of juice contains 273 milligrams of potassium, 13 mg calcium, 6 mg of magnesium and many other minerals. Calorie fresh juice is only 24 calories per hundred milliliters.

High nutritional value combined with a low calorie allow you to apply the juice for the treatment of obesity. This rich biologically active substances drink perfectly stimulates the metabolism. In combination with a sensible diet juice helps get rid of extra pounds.


Useful properties of birch SAP

свойства березового сокаBirch SAP has a fairly strong diuretic action. Due to this quality drink can be used for the prevention of some diseases of the kidneys. Juice effectively helps to get rid of swelling and cleanse the body. At the same time, if kidney stones, the treatment of birch juice without consulting with your doctor is unacceptable.

Has a drink and choleretic action, and thus may be useful under certain digestive disorders. On the other hand, choleretic effect of birch SAP can harm those who suffer from gallstone disease: in such cases a doctor’s consultation.

Birch juice is perfectly toned, increases the appetite, strengthens the immune system and helps the body in fighting infectious diseases. This is a great tool from the spring beriberi, seasonal fatigue and weakness. The juice has an anthelmintic effect and is used for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, with the help of birch juice treat diseases of the blood, bones and joints. For example, very useful birch juice with sciatica, arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatism.

In the old days, birch juice was treated a variety of diseases up to impotence and sexually transmitted diseases. And if for the treatment of impotence juiceas a natural tonic funds may indeed be suitable, with venereal diseases it is better to go to the doctor. At the same time, the birch will be a good addition to drug therapy, especially with antibiotic treatment. This drink is successfully rids the body of toxic compounds, which may be formed during antibiotic therapy.

The cleansing properties of birch juice is useful in various diseases, which are accompanied by poisoning of the body, poisoning, when losing weight. In the process of fat digestion are formed compounds that poison the body and worsen its condition. Birch juice helps to get rid of these connections and makes the process of losing weight much more enjoyable.

Widely used juice and cosmetology. Washing birch SAP is an ancient way to preserve youthfulness of skin. Rubbing the face with birch, you can get rid of excessive skin dryness, fine lines, age spots. This is a great remedy for acne. Apply the juice for the treatment of eczema and dermatitis. Rubbing the SAP in the hair roots will enhance their growth and structure.


Juice collection

To collect the juice you need to choose a sturdy tree (young birch will not work), to drill in the trunk of a small hole and insert the fillet is in the bottle will flow juice. A little secret: the incision should be done on the North side – there’s more juice. You can just break one of the branches and to substitute for it capacity.

You should not take away from the birch too much juice – tree will be difficult to recover. Better with five birches to collect a glass of SAP than one to Express a whole liter. After collecting the juice hole in the barrel is hammered firmly with a wooden stick. Branches in the cut surface should be disinfected, and close to garden pitch or resin, to “wound” the tree rather healed.

Maria Bykova

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