Beautiful hands directly related to the condition of nails. Small wounds, such as burrs, disclose to the nail fungus the possibility of infecting new victims. The activity of the parasite leads to the thinning of the nail breakage, loss healthy color with the acquisition of yellow-green shades, then changed the form and run the risk of completely losing the nail plate.
Защита ногтевой пластины от грибка3
To treat fungus much to add, than to protect their hands from defeat. Regular maintenance activities involve a small set of procedures on a weekly basis. Relaxing bath-based decoction of herbs. Just 20 minutes to deeply cleanse the pores and soften rough skin. Then removed bacchanal. It is safest to do it this way, guaranteeing the absence of sores. After the skin around the plate is processed emollient oil. Caring advances are increasingly concerned about people living far from urban communications. Thanks to new developments in self-contained gas price has become accessible to many owners of private houses. Heat and electricity are available even in the most remote corners of our vast Motherland.
Защита ногтевой пластины от грибка2
To protect nail fungus should be treated even small scratches hydrogen peroxide or iodine immediately. Healthy lifestyle, withdrawal from abuse addictions significantly increases the body’s resistance to infection. Important in the prevention and takes personal hygiene.
Защита ногтевой пластины от грибка5
To become infected with fungus can wearing the wrong gloves or in the pool. Various antiseptic sprays, pre-applied on the skin, reduce the risk of infection at 95-99;%. The best defense is to refuse questionable contacts and regular consultation with the doctor.

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