защитный кремProtection is an integral part of skin care is no less important than cleansing, hydration and nutrition. Using a barrier cream, it is possible to significantly reduce the adverse effect of the environment on the epidermis, and thus preserve a beautiful and young skin for a long time. What to look for when choosing a cream, and how to use it correctly?


Why skin protection?

The hot sun and hard frost, strong wind and smog of the big city, evaporation of household chemicals and the usual dust – these phenomena are often perceived as something familiar and common, but for the skin they are a real stress. Of course, the skin has a certain amount of stability and up time eliminates negative influences. But the price of this resistance high – premature skin aging, wrinkles, unhealthy complexion. The appearance of these inevitable age-related changes can be delayed, if from a young age not to neglect protective equipment.

A thin layer of protective cream will protect the skin not only from premature aging, but also from much more serious problems.

It is proven that UV rays provoke the development of malignant tumors on the skin. Especially dangerous sun for owners of light skin with a large number of moles. Of course, this does not mean that white people have all day to spend indoors away from the dangerous sun. Simply apply to the skin suitable protective cream to the sun from the enemy turned friend.

Without protective equipment not do to anyone. Barrier creams should be used daily, regardless of shines bright sun or the sky is covered with clouds.


Protection features

защитный кремAlmost all day facial creams more or less successfully perform protective functions. More reliably protect the skin from harmful factors special creams that are recommended for use in situations where the skin is especially in need of protection.

For example, in the period of solar activity can not do without creams with a high protection factor ultraviolet rays. In bad weather to reduce the adverse effects of wind and cold will help greasy and nourishing creams, giving the skin a thin film. And before you perform the dirty work should be lubricated hand protective cream with silicone – it will replace the rubber gloves and will prevent contact of the skin with aggressive substances or contaminants.

The composition of sunscreens include components that do not allow UV rays to act directly on the skin. This titanium dioxide, avobenzone, zinc oxide, Mexoryl and other substances. In addition, sunscreens contain moisturizing and nutritional supplements, which do not allow the skin to dry under the scorching rays.

It is important to consider that the effect of sunscreens does not begin at the time of application, and a little later, so it is important to use tools such as a minimum half an hour before going outside.

Creams from the elements designed to protect the skin from strong winds and frost. These creams do not contain a moisturizing component, which in sub-zero temperatures only harm the skin, but rich in fats. Fat film covers the skin and retains moisture in it: no wonder since ancient times, people in cold days Mazal exposed skin of goose fat or lard. The principle of operation of modern means about the same, but the creams from the weather does not cause the face to Shine, as usual fats.

Protective hand cream with the addition of silicones and mineral oils are designed to create a strong barrier to moisture, acids, alkalis and salts. These funds are not absorbed into the skin, but remain in the form of a thin film on its surface. If cleaning or other work connected with the use of corrosive substances) lasts a long time, then a layer of cream should be updated. Protective creams with silicone must be used for its intended purpose – that is, to protect the skin, but not the face.


Protection for every day

If special tools are used in certain situations (on the beach, when working with household chemicals or cold day on the street), then the choice of sunscreen every day can be difficult. What should be protective cream, depends on a number of factors – skin type, weather, time of day.

Obviously, sensitive skin needs maximum protection from adverse factors. For such skin should choose a day cream with maximum SPF index, and with soothing ingredients.

For oily or problem skin too not all protective creams. First of all you should pay attention to the fact that the tool does not only provide protection, but did not clog pores, so it was not comedogenic. It is best to choose creams with minimal amounts of oil. It is also desirable to abandon products containing parabens, propylene glycol, isopropyl myristate, Laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate.

Owners of dry skin it is best to choose moisturizers with a protective effect. Such tools will help to maintain the desired level of hydration.

Regardless of what kind of sunscreen is selected, it is not necessary to save it: apply it necessary in the quantities recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the tool will not be effective and will not be able to provide sufficient protection.

In the evening protective agent must remove from the skin to leave it overnight is impossible. As a rule, protective equipment wash off easily with the help of lotion or simply water and foam cleanser. Difficulties can arise only with the removal of fatty protective creams, but also on their skin it is easy to clean if you use a micellar water.

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