прокол ушейEven in ancient times people have expressed their individuality, piercing ears and decorating their original earrings. Puncture ears – the procedure is virtually painless thanks to the use of modern equipment, fast as earring devaysa simultaneously with the puncture, and safe (subject to all prescribed standards and requirements).


Many options

прокол ушейOften pierce the ear lobe. This is a classic way to decorate themselves, are appropriate everywhere and always.

However, to pierce fit almost any part of the outer ear of a person. The fit and the tragus (the ledge in front of the external auditory passage), and proteomelab, the curl and the antihelix, the lower and upper leg of the antihelix, the auricle and the lower cavity.

With self-piercing easily be an infection in the wound. Therefore, to carry out the procedure should only by a qualified specialist who will be able to accurately determine the location of the puncture, because the ear is a large number of important points (the so-called “reflex zones”)that is responsible for the functioning of the internal organs of man and his condition in General. Treatment room where you will be puncture should regularly be Kvartsevaya, and tools must be completely sterile.



Ear piercing has a number of contraindications:

  • various forms of diseases of bones and joints;
  • complicated injuries of the skull;
  • complex skin diseases such as eczema or cystic acne;
  • various blood diseases;
  • ear disease, including chronic, as well as any allergies;
  • neurosis and light mental illness.

Also should be careful in choosing earrings-needles, since most of them have such metal as Nickel, which can cause various allergic reactions. The available choice of earrings should be given special attention.


Features of the procedure

Currently, there are beauty salons practically does not use needles for ear piercing. Modern equipment for puncture is a “gun” with disposable earring-needle from surgical steel or titanium. Needle portion earrings feature a special sharpening, reducing pain during the piercing. Earrings-needles can be of different colors, so each user can choose the first earrings to his liking. When choosing earrings, you must consider the percentage of admixture of Nickel and copper in their composition (most of the impurities contained in the products of five hundred and eighty-fifth of the sample).

The process of ear piercing lasts a few seconds: cosmetologist puts a mark on the tip (pre-treating the skin with an antiseptic) and produces a puncture using a “gun”, and the shackle immediately appears in the right place. The puncture is always exactly where it was planned, “miss” is excluded. After the procedure, cosmetologist again performs the processing of the ear lobe antiseptic.


The piercing baby

прокол ушейPiercing children’s ears – the process is particularly responsible. It should be as secure as possible, so you need to be absolutely sure of the qualifications of the specialist performing the procedure, sterility and tools.

Pierce the ears, the child should be at the age of three, because it was at this point the lobe of the ear is fully formed and the puncture site will not move. It is not recommended to carry out this procedure at a younger age, because the child does not realize that his nose is a foreign object and can easily hurt or touch earrings, look for infection. However, according to some experts, to pierce the ears of children is at an early age to eighteen months, as babies are not afraid of the procedure and quickly forget about the pain.

Contraindications when piercing the ears of children are the same as for adults, in addition is not necessary to carry out the procedure in the case when the child has recently been ill due to any infection or just experiencing a slight feeling of discomfort, and in the weakening of his immune system.


Care punctured place

In the procedure, it is mandatory to follow all prescribed beautician recommendations for care. It is important to remember the following:

  • Four weeks you must use only those earrings-needle used to pierce ears, to change them for other jewelry is not necessary;
  • Two months cannot remove any earrings, because the channel must be formed correctly and evenly;
  • The puncture must be processed twice a day, before visiting the baths and after her alcoholic solution (salicylic acid or boric), tincture of calendula or hydrogen peroxide (three percent);
  • For channel extension, it is recommended to gently move the earrings back and forth (there is no need to unbutton decoration);
  • When the pain ear lobes, redness or tumor is recommended to put it on the blemish place the cotton swab moistened in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and immediately consult a doctor;
  • You should not swim in the river or lake within one month after the perforation, as well as to use other people’s mobile devices (your need to have regularly cleansing wipes);
  • Hair should always be clean, as well as towels and bed linen – pillow case should be changed daily;
  • During the first few days after the procedure, the puncture should not wash your hair, visit bath, sauna or pool, exercise;
  • After four weeks since the procedure, you can replace earrings-needles other shackles, a diameter not exceeding the diameter of the pin earrings-needle, because it is too large bow new earrings can wound channel, which will lead to infection.

When the piercing of the ear lobe heals from two weeks to a month to heal puncture of the ear cartilage will need up to six months. With regular and thorough treatment of puncture of his healing greatly accelerated.

Maria Bykova

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