Trim accessories to the particular along – it is even more troublesome than the selection of the service. After all, what will be added to the kit: bag, tie, belt, scarf, etc. should among themselves to be “friends”, i.e. to have a single style.

That’s why big brands have moved from the release of separate collections of watches, jewelry, etc. to develop fashionable bows. For example, selecting the Michael Kors purses, you will know exactly what each of them can find a matching handbag with the same texture, decor and color scheme. This way of the fashion house instill consumer culture to dress up and help the formation of taste.

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Collection of purses from Michael Kors: all genius is simple!

Addiction Michael Kors – founder of the company and its designer to simple lines and classic shapes can be traced throughout the entire range of American brand. But in purses this feature dominates, because this accessory is purchased always with a clear purpose – to keep money and credit cards.

Therefore, it should be functional, comfortable bars, buttons or zippers to open and close in seconds. And it is for these qualities purse Michael Kors is appreciated by business people all over the world.

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External luxury is achieved by a special leather

Without a doubt, no one will buy the accessory, which apparently does not attract the eye. All the same visual perception in man developed much stronger than tactile. Therefore, Michael Kors very carefully considering the appearance of each product, improving the texture and perfecting every decorative element.

For all its simplicity of form, Michael Kors wallets look expensive and respectable. It is a merit, first of all, high quality material. The designer loves the skin and is able to create her masterpieces. Grained and smooth, with a special embossed signature monograms – so rich textures may not boast every brand.

In addition, the company is not limited to classic calf skin. In their Arsenal – skins of reptiles and crocodiles, zebras and ostriches, which helps American products to stay afloat fashion trends, even without making much effort for this. A special pride of the Maestro model of Morocco leather, which is extraordinarily soft and velvety.

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The ergonomics of the interior space: in the spirit of city life

Urban residents are always bound to transport, and not to carry around in a taxi or the metro a lot of accessories, like business cards, creditnet, purses and wallets, Michael Kors has expanded the functionality of the internal space of their purses. There are compartments for coins and paper bills, business cards and credit cards, with many pockets come with zippers.

The purse from Michael Kors nothing will be lost and will not be artistic mess, which “sin” women’s accessories.

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