A series of “Lady in Red” (the tendency to “Sensual pleasure”) – saturated colors, iridescent fabrics and lace, tulle, embroidery and exquisite accessories. This amazingly luxurious and erotic lingerie from “A jour”. Is there any man who will be able to resist You, Lady in Red?

Show all your temperament in linen from the series “Colores de la Vita” (fashionable trend “Latin chic”). Flowers and colors, motifs, patterns, borrowed from ancient shawls, color nuances and combinations resembling the plumage of exotic birds.

Want to feel skin solar energy Africa? Try on underwear from the series “Sandalwood wind” (the fashionable Extravagant nature”). This series inspired by African culture. African designs on fabrics, geometric lace and embroidery. Colors of flora and fauna.

If you want to feel young, brash and reckless, choose “Hippie Chic”. It turns out that “jeans” is silk and delightfully combined with satin and lace, and comics, graffiti and newspaper texts fun look for underwear.

Experiment, perevoploschayas! And rest assured: any set of clothes from the new collection of fashion House linen “A jour” is that sharp and fashionable.

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