Almost every woman pays great attention to their skin, and this concerns not only the skin of the face and entire body, especially the hands. As her hands during the day are subject to various adverse factors, such as: frosty wind (in winter time), ultraviolet rays, chlorinated tap water, chemicals that are part of the household. All this and more dry and damage the skin and nail plate. If you do not care for his own hands, the skin is dry and dull, and nails will start to break down and exfoliate. But what I want to hand had a well-groomed and healthy, and the nails were long and not break.
Рекомендации по уходу и укреплению ногтей2
Very elegant and modern looks furniture in high-tech style. This style is clear and smooth. All items are in high-tech style, don’t have any figures, but only smooth perfectly clean, smooth surface.

There are plenty of tips on caring for nail plate. And every specialist will give several rules strong and healthy nails.
In order to prevent nails kailis and were strong, it is necessary that the body in sufficient amounts received vitamins a and E. the Main source of this vitamin is fish oil, home-cooked eggs and milk. You can also purchase these vitamins in the pharmacy. It is best to buy separately vitamin a and separately vitamin E. to Take a turn for 10 days. To drink this course must 100 days. Also during the adoption of vitamins is good to eat calcium glycyrrhizinate. Thanks to this complex nails will become irresistible beauty and strength.

When necessary, but not less than once a day apply on freshly washed hands nourishing cream. And in summer hot weather cream is applied before each exit to the street. This will prevent the drying of the skin to ultraviolet rays.
Рекомендации по уходу и укреплению ногтей
Manicure should be done every two weeks. Between the coating varnish, it is necessary to give a 2 day break. Ideally, the lacquer must be washed every night to nails rested for the night.

Use no liquid acetone Polish remover, as acetone desiccate the nail plate.

When peredergivali these rules, the nails will be strong and healthy.

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