красные мокасиныRed loafers found strange popularity. It consists in a special love for them southern Nations, over which sometimes ridicule those who live further North. Stylists think that this spontaneous fashion was born from the desire to imitate Italian men who prefer in everyday life bright colors and don’t hesitate to wear red shoes. But look bright is one thing, but to look stylish and appropriate – a few more. How to wear red loafers and should we do it?


Dangerous imitation

The concept of fashion and style biased and multifaceted. Even the ugliest shoes that have suddenly become popular due to one or another designer in the new season, in the minds of millions of consumers do not appear beautiful. Recommendations fashion stylists can be perceived in bayonets clients seeking their own style, because other people’s standards of beauty are at odds with his own. With red loafers happened the same story: some wear them easily, with a proud Italian posture, other, copying their impeccable style, look ridiculous. And all this happens because of blind copying without taking into account individual style.

If to avoid unnecessary imitation, red loafers can do a really useful accessory that will pay attention only in the positive sense.


In the pursuit of convenience

Why red loafers generated in the fashion community for so many contradictory responses? Most likely, the reason for the color that anyway, attracts the eye. Red loafers invariably draw attention to themselves, they cannot be ignored, even if you have another eye-catching accessory in the upper area of the body. This is one of the reasons why red loafers should do the only thing in the way that catches the eyes in order not to divide your image into multiple disconnected parts.

Moccasins is not sophisticated shoes, not stylish studs, which are almost always decorate the image, giving him completeness and grace. They are comfortable shoes for everyday use without heels, and very popular among manufacturers of inexpensive shoes. Low price of red loafers attractive to so many people, both women and men, but wins in this case, only the manufacturer. Bright color, coupled with cheap material shoes give unsightly appearance. Selected the disputed ensemble, such moccasins not cause feelings sophisticated style and appearance.


Fashionable red loafers

When buying a red moccasins, you need to consider several factors that will not allow to go beyond the boundaries of good taste.

First, do not pursue low cost and do not buy moccasins with unreasonably low price. When buying a pay attention to the decor, without which this type of footwear is rarely complete. As a rule, it lacing or firmware on the outer thigh certainly a contrast color. These items are almost always produce the expensive shoes, so try to choose shoes with a minimalist design and how can a smaller number of decorative elements.

When choosing moccasins red, pay attention to the depth and brightness of colour.

Do you want your feet became signal identification mark or you just calm deep red hue on the border with cold wine or cherry? Maybe the second option is more Nasibulin in everyday life and will make you more fashion combinations with different items of clothing.

If the budget allows, make a good investment in your way, with stylish elegant moccasins dark red hue of leather produced by Italian or English producers. This is one way to protect your image.


What to wear red loafers

Due to the popularity of short pants and jeans, red loafers asking in a combination to them. But be careful – jeans should be a classic, dark blue denim. You can find red loafers trousers made of natural dense fabric of dark green color. Well looks such shoes with breeches and shorts, as in girls, and men. The color scheme of the entire image should leave “the first violin” red tint shoes without blocking it.

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