красные родинкиMoles on the face and body of the person – a phenomenon that usually does not cause any discomfort. But in some cases have to worry about his health. One of the reasons for this are red moles, which can take different forms and volumes, causing inconvenience, causing complexes and, most importantly, provoking feelings of about origins and consequences. What is red moles, and should strive to get rid of them?


Features and origin

Red moles called angioma or hemangiomas. They represent a fusion of capillaries or blood vessels, forming a limited section, flat or three-dimensional, expressed red. Doctors are rushing to reassure patients that found these neoplasms. Red moles are not dangerous in themselves, but in some cases to them should pay close attention and for your own peace of mind and health for examination.

The reasons that lead to the formation of the skin of red moles, still poorly understood. They appear frequently in children, and then disappear without trace.

At an early age, when the circulatory system is not yet fully completed their formation, occur such violations (in the conventional medical sense).

Red moles appear in adulthood, and can stay for life, and disappear over time. In adults, the emergence of angioma associated with hormonal disorders or with other abnormalities of organs and systems. Therefore, red moles, if they appeared in an adult, should primarily encourage him to visit the doctor and pass the examination. In addition to violations of hormonal background can detect acute or chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.


Kinds of red moles

Distinguish several types of red moles or angiomas, which differ in shape and etiology.

  • Simple or capillary hemangioma is a clearly defined subcutaneous the formation of the red or blue-red color. If you press this mole, she immediately turns white, and then finds the original color, filling with blood.
  • Cavernous hemangioma is more volume, knotty education, too red, red-brown or blue-brown color.
  • Branchy a hemangioma form venous and arterial vessels, it rises above the skin. This mole may have pulsation, it is highly undesirable to injure and otherwise compromise the integrity to prevent serious bleeding.
  • Star hemangioma is presented as a mole which goes “rays”. Sometimes this education looks like advanced vessel, sometimes it’s more like a normal mole, towering above the skin site.
  • There is a flat hemangioma, presents flat rodimin spot, red, pink, brown or blue-red color.


Do I need to remove red moles

If a mole is not a malignant nature and did not cause any inconvenience, it can not be removed. Given that the red birthmark is nothing short of vascular education, it, as well as other birthmarks, should be protected from injury, not to irritate and not have it any mechanical or chemical attack.

In some cases, the red mole, “suggests” to remove, for example, if it is located on the face or other visible location, its volume or size is uncomfortable, touched it with clothes. Then you can delete any of the available methods.


How to remove red moles

The most common methods of removing the red moles remain cryosurgery and laser excision. Surgical excision of moles are becoming rare due to the morbidity method and scars after surgery.

When working with a laser mole burn out without damaging healthy skin around education. This is great for flat moles, with dark color.

If a mole volume or hanging, it is preferable and simple method will be cryosurgery – burning liquid nitrogen.

Nitrogen instantly freezes the mole in which crystals are formed and completely stops blood flow. Then mole disappears on its place of residence is formed barely noticeable pale spot. Cryosurgery is shown for red moles of small size.

Before you decide on the removal of the red moles and to choose the way, you must ensure that your angioma is not malignant education. Contact your doctor or dermatologist, ensure benign moles, the specialist will recommend the most appropriate way of removal of tumors.

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