Regen Tripolar RFThe system Regen Tripolar RF called among the major breakthroughs in modern cosmetology. It is a radio wave lifting of the third generation, allowing women of any age to be getting younger and more beautiful quickly and more effectively, with fewer side effects, but with a large number of nice bonuses when using this system.

Regen Tripolar RF originally from Israel, is she on the phone company Pollogen, and unlike many other techniques cosmetological therapy to experience all the charms of procedure in specialized classrooms, equipped with a stationary device Regen from Pollogen.


What Regen Tripolar RF

To understand the nature of a tri-polar system Regen, it is necessary to consider the previous system, which is successfully applied to this day. First, what lies under obscure combination of RF? This term refers to the methods of processing of fabrics of radio waves. RF radio frequency or radio frequency. Most often, modern women have to hear about RF-lifting), also known as radiofrequency or radio frequency, as well as by Thermage, lifting or, even easier, thermal lifting.

Radio-frequency processing of the first generation is a simplified version of the RF treatments that have a large number of contraindications for its considerable heating of the tissues. In the system, we have only one electrode. RF-system of the second generation or bipolar, is the work of two electrodes, creating an electric field acting on the fabric of high temperatures.

As with the previous system, bipolar RF-processing is impossible without subsequent cooling, is painful and not suitable for people with sensitive skin, prone to rosacea, dilation of blood vessels. But there is a tri-polar system, devoid of shortcomings devices of previous generations. Her and developed by an Israeli company Pollogen, allowing an increasing number of women to experience the possibility of radio frequency skin treatment, facial tissues and body.


Special features and advantages of Regen Tripolar RF

The Tripolar RF technology was developed in 2006. The laboratory specialists Pollogen Ltd. has released several devices for a tripolar RF lifting and lipolysis, moving to the improvement and simplification of work of the doctor-cosmetician and expanding the range of possibilities of work with the system.

Regen Tripolar RF is a three-electrode system which allows radio waves to penetrate the thick skin and tissues immediately at different depths. Simultaneously occurring processes of heating and cooling, so people do not feel burning from the heat, and beautician’s no need to cool the place of processing after RF.

The undeniable advantage of the system Regen Tripolar RF is the lack of effect of direct heating of tissues with the pronounced effect of the procedure.

Is soft and uniform warming up of the dermis and subcutaneous fat, and the epidermis and muscle tissue remain virtually unaffected by temperature. This unique methodology targeted distribution of radio waves allows you to work directly within the areas that require immediate correction. RF-treatment of face and body on the apparatus Regen Tripolar RF implies RF-lifting, RF-lipolysis or procedure, combining both techniques.

The effect of this procedure includes:

  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • stimulate the local metabolism;
  • excretion of excess fluid;
  • softening of fat depot and splitting of fat cells;
  • direct effect on collagen spiral, with subsequent unwinding, which leads to a rapid tightening of the skin.
  • The work result on the Regen Tripolar RF:
  • lifting of skin (wrinkles, loss of elasticity and elasticity);
  • improvement of tone and elevation of the skin;
  • the decrease in adipose tissue;
  • eliminate water retention and cellulite.

The system Regen Tripolar RF can be used both independently and as an auxiliary method in conjunction with other anti-aging and body correction procedures. It achieves rapid positive cosmetic effect when modeling of the face oval, affected as age-specific changes with ptosis and laxity and fatty deposits, which are usually difficult correction of alternative non-surgical methods.

For best results, it is recommended to undergo RF-lifting or RF-lipolysis on the devices Regen Tripolar RF. One session lasts not more than forty minutes, thanks to improved technology in comparison with the previous RF devices, the system Regen Tripolar allows to reduce time of procedure sometimes twice when working in the same field. The course of treatment is usually six to eight procedures maximum. If prevents, for example, cellulite or maintain youthful skin, you can refer to RF-procedures once a month.

The contraindications for textiles on Regen Tripolar RF include pregnancy, tumor education, infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

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