Our hands are constantly exposed to various factors – the cold, moisture, pressure, vibration, high temperature, rude and rough surface. It is therefore necessary to properly care for your hands and nails, for the prevention of disease and in order to remain attractive and hard-working man.

The structure of nails subject to changes that are associated with adverse conditions of work and life, as well as with various diseases. It is important to strengthen nails and provide them with necessary food and care.
Надежный уход за руками и ногтями.
Tips on caring for natural nails:

  • The rubbing of the nails currant juice, cranberry or lemon.
  • The use of varnishes not containing acetone.
  • Lubrication fingers cream and balm.
  • Every week to do a manicure.
  • To do a warm bath, to soften the skin around the nails.
  • Correct diet that includes all the necessary vitamins, micro and macro elements, as well as fats, proteins and amino acids.
  • To use organic cosmetics.
  • You need time to remove the cuticle, using a special device.
  • To power the matrix through the day to do vitamin massage nail.

Tips on caring for nail extensions:

  • To file the nail with special tools.
  • Polishing the nails, to apply the oil to the cuticles and nails.
  • To remove the Polish preparations oil-based.
  • Apply a base coat lacquer.
  • Do baths lotions and creams.
  • The coating to buy professional cosmetics.

Надежный уход за руками и ногтями.3
Requirements for hand care:

  • Spend a hand massage and special grinding.
  • Every other day for 30 minutes nourishing masks – honey, oil, oatmeal.
  • If cracks baths from starch and glycerine.
  • Twice a day, lubricate the skin emollient cream.
  • Wash hands you baby soap and gel.
  • All work associated with the Laundry, cleaning, washing dishes conduct in gloves.
  • The water is in contact with the hands should be at room temperature.
  • Once a week spend salt baths for the prevention of skin diseases.
  • Well, wipe your hands after contact with water.
  • The skin on elbows first use scrub, then fat cream.

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