средство от черных точекEvery teenager faces the problem of oily skin with clogged pores and looking for effective against the black dots. In the course are traditional methods of treatment of the skin, democratic cosmetics, professional and pharmacy creams, masks, gels for washing. Against this non-aesthetic phenomenon all good, but it is not wasted and buy up the whole beauty shop, enough to buy a few items that suit you.

Modern cosmetics from the black dots are extremely diverse, and if you enlarged pores, it is better to buy a set that includes funds for the comprehensive care of face skin and, if necessary, of the body. It should include a gel or lotion cleanser, toner, mask, body scrub exfoliation, day cream with moisturizing effect. It should be remembered that the black dots while not dangerous in themselves, fight with them it is necessary to pay attention to state not only the skin, but also the entire body. Rearranging your diet, eliminating foods with a high content of fat, you will be able to reduce the activity of sebaceous glands, and thus the probability of occurrence of black dots.


Folk remedies from blackheads

Traditional recipes from the black dots are varied, but almost all of them are based on either mask making films that stirayutsya with skin, freeing pores, or imply pre-steaming of the skin, which is then applied in a particular part of the cleansing and healing effect.

If your home first aid kit there were a few pills of activated charcoal, you can make effective cleansing mask. Activated carbon from blackheads used in liquid compositions, in which he stirred, forming a consistency that can constrict pores. For this effect you will need a spoon gelatin, spoon of milk and two tablets of activated charcoal. Thoroughly crush coal in a liquid, stir, and put on the bath water to make a thick mass. Wait until it has cooled a little and apply to cleansed face. Wait until cool, then remove frozen mask.

Excellent home remedy black spots – easy egg white. If you have oily thick skin without coal rash, but you need a little dry, bleach and refreshing, you will help sour citrus juice. Lemon from blackheads is an excellent tool that has all these qualities. Mix the egg white with two tablespoons of lemon juice and aloe. Stir all ingredients and put ready mask on the face or only on the T-zone, which normally accumulate pimples. Rinse with warm water after ten minutes, then necessarily apply a nourishing cream.

Mask from Badawi and peroxide can help to purify the skin. Badaga from blackheads can be used both as peeling component, and as a basis for the mask. The hydrogen peroxide from the black dots can be applied only if you have a skin without a single injury and does not have high sensitivity. Mix the powder Badawi with 3% hydrogen peroxide in the ratio of one to two and leave for a few minutes until the swelling. Ready composition apply on face circular massaging movements, avoiding the eye area is effective peeling from the black dots. Better to focus on the T-zone. After peeling leave the mask work on the face for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. The effect of the procedure is comparable with the effect of full chemical peel acids.

White clay from the black dots has expressed efficiency, so often part of the various masks. White clay in cosmetics meets called kaolin – look for this component labels anticollagen funds. You can also buy the powder of white clay and prepare the mask, diluting it with water to a homogeneous slurry, washing off with warm water after drying.


Cosmetic products from black dots

This makeup includes cleansing, exfoliating (abrasive substances or chemical exfoliants), anti-inflammatory, matting components. Cosmetics can be found in the lines of the mass market and professional series and, of course, in the medical brands, which are sold in pharmacies.

The most common funds from blackheads – cosmetics for washing and peeling. The best cure blackheads always contains a component-exfoliant that either mechanically cleans pores, or dissolve them. After cleansing the pores of the skin to moisturize and soothe, applying tonics and lotions, narrowing of pores with matting effect. Then applied to the skin moisturizer.

Abrasive scrub from the black spots is not always desirable, if the skin is sensitive, inflamed or is severely disrupted. Then come to the aid of strips of black dots, which glued to the skin, maintained for some time, then removed, and comedones be on them. Adhesive strip or a patch from the black dots are mainly used on the nose or chin.

Every drug from the black dots contains a whole range of substances, which have a complex effect on the skin.

If you are looking for effective ointment from blackheads, which not only prevent the formation of comedones, but also narrows the pores and get rid of the acne, try using differin. It comes in different form and concentration, so before you apply you should consult with a dermatologist so that not to harm the skin. Differin from black dots has proven efficacy and proven results in clinical studies. Apply the product to a person is only where you suffer from high comedogenicity.

One of the most common anticollagen cosmetics is a lotion black dots that can easily be found in brands such as Neutrogena, Clean&Clear, L’oreal, Garnier. These tools come in liquid, gel-like form, and in a gentle consistence, which is suitable for use on the problem or sensitive dry skin, which is also the slope to clogged pores.

All manipulations to clean since with makeup always after steaming skin. The pores open and black points to delete easier. All tools should be selected according to your type and condition of the skin. If you have hypersensitivity or you have acne in the active form, pay attention to the pharmacy funds from the black dots.

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