To prevent the formation of corns and calluses, you should do a foot bath, you can use oak bark or sea salt. On the night of grease legs castor or simple vegetable oils, adding essential oil of tea tree. Your diet should be the carrot with cream or oil.
Удаление мозолей и натоптышей в домашних условиях5
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The process of removing calluses by yourself requires a lot of patience. To remove this scourge there are several methods:
Удаление мозолей и натоптышей в домашних условиях3
Make soda solution, take baking soda, soap and one tablespoon add in 2 liters of tap water, stir. The duration of steaming feet in this bath for about half an hour, then using a pumice treat corns, then wipes his e legs, and rubbing castor oil. Bedtime dress socks.

Steam the corn and put the leaves of Kalanchoe and leave on all night, morning treat calluses with a pumice.

Take prunes, pitted, boil in milk and apply on your toes, using this method requires several sessions.
Steam the corn and put to them steamed onions with lemon. You can also moisten the bread in 9% vinegar and apply to the blisters, pre-lubricated with oil.
Удаление мозолей и натоптышей в домашних условиях
Steam corn and add the onion, before that, rubbed it, and leave on all night.
Удаление мозолей и натоптышей в домашних условиях2
For corns, you can use the hot whey, and they after a short period of time to dissolve.
So the problem didn’t come back, remember the daily care.

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