удаление растяжек в домашних условияхHome remedies against stretch marks do not help much to get rid of them, but with them you can make a stretch much less noticeable. The earlier you start to remove stretch marks at home, than the best result can achieve.


Sugar scrub

Sugar is often used for skin care: it effectively, but gently exfoliates the skin, softens and improves blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin. Mix sugar – white or brown, it doesn’t matter — with a little olive oil, whole milk or lemon juice apply scrub areas of the skin, the appearance of stretch marks, circular movements, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Then take a shower, and put on the body moisturizer that you usually use. Repeat this procedure every day, at least within one month.



Aloe gel is very effective for solving a variety of skin problems. It contains a lot of nutrients that stimulate skin regeneration, and may be effective as acne and scars or stretch marks. Aloe gel can be applied directly on the banners, and leave for a few minutes. It also can be mixed with liquid vitamin E or olive oil; RUB this mixture into the skin, massage gently and rinse after 5-10 minutes.


A balanced diet

A balanced diet has a beneficial effect on the skin in General. Treatment for stretch marks is especially useful to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. in addition, you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day: so you feed the skin with moisture from the inside, and because of this she will definitely look better.


Lemon juice

To remove stretch marks can be used simply lemon juice, and lemon juice, mixed with cucumber juice in a ratio of one to one. The second option is ideal for women with sensitive skin who pure lemon juice may cause redness and irritation of the skin.



To reduce stretch marks, you must intensive moisturizing the skin, and in this task are able to cope vegetable oils. Regularly massage your skin areas which have stretch marks, using olive, almond oil or Shea butter. It is desirable to take a hot shower massage oil will be especially effective when applied steamed skin. Do massage for 20-30 minutes, and then a paper towel to remove excess oil from the skin.


Potato juice

Vitamins and minerals contained in potatoes, stimulates the renewal and restoration of skin cells. Cut the potato into pieces and wipe them stretching for about fifteen minutes. After another ten minutes, when potato juice is dry, take a shower, or just rinse skin with warm water.


Egg whites

In egg whites contain very useful for skin proteins and amino acids. Mix one or two proteins, and put them on the clean skin. Rinse them after proteins dry – after about fifteen minutes. Then apply on the skin a little olive oil.


Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is an ingredient in many commercial tools for removing stretch marks; it can also be used at home. You can apply on the skin just cocoa butter, or make your cream. For the cream, you need: cocoa butter, beeswax, wheat germ oil, apricot kernel oil and liquid vitamin E. Place the ingredients in соусницу, and reheat them on medium heat, from time to time, agitation, until you do not get a homogeneous mass. Let the cream to cool down a bit, and then pour it into a container with a tight lid.



Mix a bit of ground coffee with water (or just use the thick of coffee), and within a couple of minutes to put it on your skin massaging movements. Then take a shower, and lubricate the skin greasy cream.

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