удаление волос на лицеExcessive hair growth on the face, can lead different factors: stress, hormonal changes, heredity or belonging to certain ethnic groups. Sometimes the problem lies in several individual hairs, some women hair grows pretty thick and a lot of inconvenience. So removing facial hair is a pressing issue to address.



Advantages: tweezing is the easiest method of hair removal on the face, this is especially convenient way to combat a single hairs on the chin, or on the line eyebrow. When properly capture hair with tweezers, you pull the hair directly from hair follicles. For maximum effect buy quality tweezers convenient form. To pluck the hairs, you need only the direction of hair growth.

Disadvantages: very often due to the lack of experience, inadequate instruments or lack of time, then carefully remove all hairs, especially too short or ingrown. Red and white dots in the places that had been plucked out the hair, they also bring some discomfort, though, and disappear quickly. Most importantly, in order to get rid of all unwanted facial hair with tweezers takes a lot of time, because in this case it is necessary to notice every hair, grab it and pull out.



Advantages: if facial hair grows pretty thick and plucking each individual thread to take a very long time, shaver in this case is more effective.

Disadvantages: on the next day can be considered short-grown hairs, after shave my hair grow back thicker and become darker. Shaving facial hair often causes irritation, ingrown hairs and razor cuts. The skin was much finer and more delicate than the legs, so any redness and irritation on the face is much more noticeable.



Advantages: hair removal on the face with a cream-depilatory – quick and inexpensive way of getting rid of unwanted hair, hair grows again after about two weeks, and new hairs become thinner and more invisible.

Disadvantages: the chemical substances contained in such creams can cause irritation of the skin, especially on the face. Creams-depilatory not uniformly remove the hair, leaving hairs, which then have to pull out with tweezers.

It is strictly forbidden to apply creams for hair removal in the areas around the eyes. Additional caution is recommended to follow when applying the cream in the area of the nose and lips.


Removing facial hair waxing

Wax, probably one of the oldest ways to remove hair on the body, including the face. The procedure consists in heating the wax with the subsequent laying of the hot wax on the area where it is supposed hair removal. The wax is applied to the strip of cloth, pressed, then breaks off abruptly, with her hair pulled out the hair follicles.

Advantages: the main advantage of this method is enough high efficiency, hair grow back in two to four weeks, to the same new hairs look more soft and thin. Waxing can be done at home and in the cabin. Wax captures even the most short and thin hair, leaving your skin smooth and beautiful.

Disadvantages: portability wax epilation depends on the pain threshold. Between treatments waxing some time must pass, that is again to remove hair with wax, you will have a slightly grow hair, about 5-7 mm This period many women believe the main disadvantage of waxing.



Advantages: Lighting is one of the most painless way of solving the problem of unwanted hair, most often this method is used in the bleaching of «whiskers» on the upper lip.

Disadvantages: brightening only changes the color of the hair, but does not remove it, it remains in its place, and in daylight, especially in the sun, looks even thicker and more prominent than before.


Methods permanently remove facial hair

Goodbye to unwanted hair on the body and face using an electrolytic or laser hair removal.

During electrolysis hair follicle is destroyed with the thinnest needles, which aims electric current.

Advantages: at observance of all rules of procedure, electrolysis is usually allows you to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. This procedure is suitable for treatment of some hair on the eyebrows, chin, cheeks and upper lip.

Disadvantages: getting rid of facial hair will require multiple sessions, and it may take a year or even more. Incorrect procedure can lead to subcutaneous ingrown hairs or scarring. In the intervals between treatments separate grown hairs cannot be plucked shave or delete any other way.

Laser hair removal the hair follicle is destroyed pulsating beam of light, i.e. laser.

Advantages: the Effect of laser hair removal is up to four months. The procedure is suitable for treatment of large areas in a short period of time, for example, to remove hair on the upper lip. Side effects are virtually absent.

Disadvantages: many believe that laser hair removal permanently stop the growth of hair, in fact, significantly slows their growth. Laser treatment is not aimed at the destruction of some hair, so this procedure is not recommended to remove a single hair on the chin, cheeks or for correction of eyebrows.

Any type of hair removal on the face accompanied by redness and slight irritation, and, accordingly, requires the application of mitigation and sedatives, for example with the content of hydrocortisone or extract of aloe Vera.

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