удаление второго подбородкаRemove double chin is no longer a problem. This procedure is available to all, regardless of the severity of the defect, age and skin type. This means that you can quickly get rid of complexes about the fullness of the face and the accompanying several years to passport age. Correction of double chin can be as minimally invasive, and with the use of surgical method. If you are determined, you can choose which method suits you and go for a course correction or aesthetic surgery.


How to remove a double chin: waiting for a miracle

To choose the correct and efficient way, which will save you from double chin, you need to determine the cause of education and to make all possible measures to reduce it. In medical language, second chin is called the excess tissues in the submental region, and like the formation of excessive amounts of adipose tissue and skin in other areas of the body, this problem is complex, and not local. Even if you are ready for a radical measure – surgical intervention in the form of liposuction of the chin area with excision of excess tissue, you will not be able to guarantee yourself that your face shape will remain unchanged.

Getting rid of double chin or during the course of cosmetic proceduresaimed at the correction of facial contours, you should reconsider your lifestyle.

Eating right maintaining a healthy weight, skin care, with its strengthening and toning, purchase flat and hard or quality orthopedic with the notch for the head pillow to sleep – it is those items that cannot be ignored after eliminating double chin.

Method of removing fat in the submental area depends not only on your personal preference, but readings. If the second chin only slightly marked, rounded oval face, you can do several sessions of massage and firming wraps. If the second chin really disfigures the face, down the neck, the fat pad will only liposuction.


Removing double chin without surgery

Surgical removal of double chin is something many people are afraid and lay on occasion when other methods will not help. This is reasonable, because this defect can be overcome and without surgery. The main thing is to find a methodology that is appropriate for your type of double chin.



удаление второго подбородкаMassage to remove double chin can show impressive results, coupled with low-and nizkosolevaya diet with low expression of adipose tissue. Remove the hint of a double chin will help sculptural facial and target lymphatic drainage massage that kneads well adipose tissue, contributes to its reduction, removes excess fluid from tissues. The manual massage has a huge advantage over other methods is the absence of any contraindications, and complications, which makes it a universal procedure.

To make the facial contour more clear you can try and not addressing the beautician. On the market today, you can find compact massagers or mini-equipment for gymnastics, helping to eliminate a double chin.

Vacuum massage is more effective procedure with quick results. Apparatus for vacuum massage, during which sticks to the skin cavity with rarefied air, and cosmetologist leads her on the surface of the problem areas which perfectly adjusts to the facial contours. Disappears puffiness, swelling, is effective drainage of tissues, improves circulation, stimulates the metabolism. Already after the first procedure noticeable results.

Among the contraindications for vacuum massage: inflammatory processes on the skin, active acne, open wounds and lesions in the treated area, the propensity to thrombosis, closely spaced vessels. Also age. Not necessary to resort to eliminate double chin if your skin is flabby and dry affected by age-related changes. Vacuum massage can exacerbate the problem by stretching the skin even more. Massage the chin against the second helps women who have not yet entered the stage of maturity – approximately 35 years.


Cosmetic procedures (surgery) to remove double chin

удаление второго подбородкаTo hardware cosmetology is to resort to if your problem is not strongly expressed, that is, the fat in the chin area is not too large. For those who prefer the intervention is the least sensitive for the skin, can undergo laser or ultrasound facelift or liposuction, depending on the evidence.

Non-surgical liposuction using laser or ultrasonic beam effective, because of very high demand patients. In some cases you can do without cuts, but if you have large amounts of adipose tissue have to release the destroyed fatty tissue through a small cannula. Therefore, this method cannot be considered completely non-invasive.

Unfortunately, liposuction by laser and ultrasound (laser or ultrasonic lipolysis) is a significant drawback in the form of weak control over the penetration depth of the tissue. Given that the surgery is performed on the face, it can cause serious side effects. In addition, such interference contraindications not less than the full surgery.


Removing double chin surgery

Surgical removal of the second chin called mentoplasty, guarantees a quick and efficient return to the form that undoubtedly plays into his favor when imposing deformation and, in Mature age, when the skin can’t pull yourself even after weight loss.

Surgery to remove double chin takes from 30 minutes to two hours. during which there is liposuction and lifting excess skin. After the operation is applied a compression bandage, which is removed in three to five days. In some cases, the patient may be under the supervision of a physician in a clinic day. During rehabilitation may be swelling of the operated area, the patient has difficulty chewing and articulation.

Contraindications: chronic diseases in the acute stage, cardiovascular, mental illness, disorders of coagulation, the tendency to the formation of a blood clot, thyroid disease, diabetes, pregnancy and lactation.

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