In the summer of hand and foot require special care, because the sun and the sea water is too dry. You can use soft scrub to clean skin, the cream and mask for the purpose, to do caring massage.
Стойкий лак для летних экспериментов2
Leisure is the time to give hands to relax. Going on holiday, it is better to buy a backpack women, and already a lot of things not to take, and the voltage is not threatened. Professionals do not recommend to increase the nails. It is impractical and difficult to maintain view, if one breaks down and the next wizard will not appear. Perfect French manicure. Moreover, today the fashion French is not only lucky neutral shades, but also ways of contrasting colors. For example, the smile line is applied not traditional white and any bright color, say, orange or red.

Varnishes should be selected with sun-protection filters. They simultaneously strengthen nails and protect against adverse effects of salt water and UV rays. Ideal for summer care – gel-Lac Lac. And no artificial nails do not need. After all, shellac perfectly stable and shiny nails are not fade in the sun, and coverage will not break and not scratched. Nice and helpful that it is odorless and does not threaten allergies.

Before coating nail shellac is a regular manicure and pedicure: processed nail plate, cut the cuticle, then the nails are polished and degreased. The special properties of painting acquired through three layers of application: base color coating and protection. Each of them is dried, for which the hand is placed in a special lamp.
Стойкий лак для летних экспериментов3
The disadvantage of shellac can be considered that this nail care requires a trip to the beauty salon. But to prepare for leave not feel sorry for, and a month – no nail care.

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