ретро макияжAny fashion in twenty-thirty years of age acquires the status of retro and then serves as a source of inspiration to create new collections. This unwritten rule is not law, but his justice confirmed empirically. Retro makeup, and clothing worn by a few decades ago, in the modern fashion is not outdated category. You can access both in everyday life and for the creation of images evening.

Twentieth century fashion is divided for decades, each of which reigned your own style. With makeup situation is different and bright indicative features of a particular era manifested not in ten, and after about twenty and even thirty years, during which there was a transition from one image to another. The most appreciable in the field of makeup steel twenties, fifties and the seventies. In the eighties and nineties in beauty images there has been some confusion and lack of uniformity with an abundance of нестройного colourful. This trend was begun in the seventies that is truly worthy of attention as an example to follow.


Makeup in the style of the twenties – passionate lips, expressive eyes

The twenties entered the history as the era of silent movies, so the emphasis was on the eyes and the lips for a black and white screen looked very expressive and dramatic. His eyebrows, which выщипывались in thin arc thread, were almost invisible. If the eyes are intensively «чернились» shadows, the eyebrows remained untouched. If the eyelids were stressed a bit, then eyebrows were also emphasized.

Makeup in the style of the twenties is the essence of the very definition of retro makeup. It can be done on a theme parties, it is suitable for a secular output subject to moderation – the drama a little cinema in everyday life, even if we are talking about the party, little is appropriate and may seem comical.

If you want to retro makeup in the style of the twenties, make sure that eyebrows were less noticeable than ever. Tone should be perfectly smooth, bright and dull, create the effect of a porcelain face, without the hint of a blush. To emphasize the eyes rent gray or brown shade, which need to designate the eyes throughout the mobile age and the contour of the lower eyelid mainly from the outer corner. Mascara can be to take the bulk, for dramatic effect, is it lawful to tweak them or even stick artificial eyelashes. Lips emphasize dark berry lipstick (cherry, plum, wine color) or Shine.


Fifties sharp arrows, red lipstick

In the fifties, the emphasis has shifted on the lips, eyes began emphasizing broad sharp points, that were drawn liquid liner. To make arrows even more expressive, eyelid emphasized light shadows, pearl, pastel blue or light beige, but almost always opaque. Scarlet or brick-red lipstick became a symbol of style of the fifties.

Modern woman can make retro makeup in the style of the fifties on any holiday, on weekdays, he risks to look a geeky, inappropriate because of its ярковыраженной тематичности.

To do this makeup, should also provide a flat tone of the person, who does not need blush. Forever apply a primer and lightly powder, then cover with a bright compact shadows all mobile eyelid. Armed with liquid liner or black felt liner hard applicator, draw a smooth arrow from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, creating are almond-shaped eyes. From summarize the bottom contour you can refuse, but you can designate a thin arrow at the bottom. Then both hands should be not very fatty. Eyelash a little twist and apply the extension of ink. Lip select a suitable shade of red you shade. This can be thick matte red, red-brown, texture, you can take a lasting lipstick, gloss, rich pigments, or lacquer lip.


Seventy – invasion colour and gloss

The era of supremacy of the reign of red and black make-up is already in the sixties start coming to an end. In the seventies facial uses different colors – blue, green shadows, pink blush and lipstick, supplemented contour pencils and a glow on all areas of the face. Disco fever this decade demanded Shine in everything – in costumes and make-up. Makeup seventies less common than style in clothes of that period, but some of its features are constantly being borrowed makeup artists to create a fashionable image.

If you want to run a make-up, you need to tone with reflective particles, powder or bronzer with a radiant effect. Shiny can be eyeshadow and lipstick. If you are not going to masquerade, keep your passion for the inspiration of the framework.

Before performing makeup thoroughly cleanse your face scrub, giving skin a natural glow, apply moisturizer, then leveling tone-fluid. For a century, you can use creamy shade with mother-of-pearl glow or with metallic effect, top, use a pencil eyeliner in black, dark brown, emerald green, or blue. Cheekbones emphasize blush pink or peach, complementing makeup lipstick them in tone. Avoid colourful, try to sustain this makeup in a single color – cold or warm.

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