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Wildly popular fruits Tibetan barberry a variety of reasons. It is widely touted useful properties of a product on the Internet, and stories of his miraculous properties from the mouth of popular stars and leading TV programs about health, and the resulting fashion on the raw food diet and so-called “clean power”, and reviews of Goji berries that leave buyers. Moreover, among the latter are not only thinner and healthier people, but completely disappointed. It’s time to learn the truth about these fruits.

Reviews naturopaths

The doctors who carry to the masses the idea of alternative medicine, leave about Chinese Goji berries the most positive feedback. Many doctors usually experience the product for yourself, and then make up their own objective opinion. So, it turns out, if you use the fruits of eating regularly, this enriches the body with a lot of useful substances and strengthens the immune system. Indeed, conducted over the composition of the product studies have shown that berries are very rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Alternative doctors leave the reviews about tea with Goji berries how about a nice, crisp, tonic tool that helps you to get rid of lack of sleep and fatigue is not worse than the morning coffee. At the same time these drinks help to get rid of insomnia, which improves the quality of sleep a night. Among the useful properties of the fruit naturopaths, which are always very concerned about the effective purification of organism of patients, noted that the use of the product, because of its mild diuretic and laxative action, can not only become one of the clauses of the complex program of purification, but also to become full-fledged detox diet.

Reviews nutritionists and doctors

Nutritionists leave feedback about what is Goji berries allow thinner people minimally safely survive during the diet avoiding sweets, gradually freeing the body from the so-called “carbohydrate addiction”. In addition, rich in fibre composition of fruits of Tibetan barberry for a long time provides a feeling of satiety. And if you will be in parallel with the use of this product to practice a low-carb diet and will maintain an active lifestyle, the effect of weight loss is simply amazing.

Conventional medicine does not hurry to carry the fruit to a full means for weight loss, but also does not deny their absolute uselessness for health. And still learning all the features of the product, doctors, leaving reviews of Goji berries, recommend not to forget that even the herbal products has its contraindications, so they must be justified and approved by the attending doctor. So, the fruit is not recommended to use for some diseases and conditions, hypotension, pregnancy, lactation period, the age of child, food allergic to citrus and red fruits,

At the same time proven benefits of Goji berries in terms of a substantial reduction in blood pressure and glucose levels in the blood. But if you are in parallel with the fruits will take special medications for hypertension and diabetes, it is a “butter oil” will not go up, and even harmful, causing hypoglycemia and deterioration of health – weakness and dizziness. In addition, not yet conducted research about the effects of Goji on tumor formation, so when Oncology better to abandon their use.

In the reviews of medical specialists contains information about the potential harm of Goji berries on the body of the people, who simultaneously taking anticoagulants and laxatives compounds (tablets, cleansing teas etc). In the first case, it can cause bleeding in the second – to cause upset stomach until persistent diarrhoea.

Reviews fitness trainers

Today in bars, fitness centres, often you can find beauty drinks and organic smoothies, created on the basis of berries Goji – sports coaches in their reviews agree with naturopathic. The fruit has supplanted such, in fact, empty of energy as coffee, and drinks with them are recommended to use for active people, all for the same reasons – a charge of vivacity to, increase endurance during and recovery after workouts, the normalization of metabolism, strengthening the immune system.

Specialists in the field of the sports way of life in reviews emphasize the great value of the composition of Goji berries. The complex of 18 amino acids, which in usual vegetable food is almost nowhere else and are used extensively in sports, plays a huge role in the process of burning fat and building muscle. In the process of losing weight amino acids are affected in different ways. Some lower appetite, other – stimulates digestion, others are a source of energy and prevent the destruction of muscle tissue and the appearance of sagging skin.

Order Goji berries

Customer reviews

All buyers who dare to try Goji berries and leave them feedback can be divided into several categories. First, it is the people who are carefully watching the quality and “clean” food. A completely natural product, grown in ecologically clean mountainous regions of Tibet, they seem perfect, “real” component for menus that perfectly cleanses the body of toxins and gives rejuvenating effect.

Secondly, it vegetarians and raw-foodists who just need to fill in the lack of nutrients through authorized products. Such people generally do not practice the application of Goji berries in the composition of dietary supplements, and use only this product is raw, dried or dried form, preparing of them teas, cocktails, smoothies, adding to fruit salads etc.

Third, many you can find reviews of Goji berries from thin, with stats real reviews shows that they have not only positive, but also negative. Most often, people who wanted to lose weight with this miracle tools disappointed that the result is not as declared by the seller to the revolutionary fat burning. On average, for a couple of weeks eating fruits takes not more than 2-3 kg

In the negative reviews about the Goji berries found information that the fruits provoke the emergence of allergies. First of all, this applies to those whose body has not going through the consumption of fruits and berries with red, orange and yellow color (citrus, strawberries etc). Itching and other skin irritation easily eliminated by taking antihistamines, but still “bad feeling” remains.

Along with the bad reviews slimming about Goji berries there are also quite positive. Someone admires the fact that the fruits of excellent beat off appetite. So, after eaten a handful of berries for lunch or dinner, people eat a lot less than usual, but supplements portions simply forget. In General, this reduces caloric intake, which directly contributes to weight loss.

Many are not very flattering say about the taste of Tibetan barberry. Sour taste of the fruit is not to the liking mostly sweet tooth. And almost all the reviews say that Goji berries, even in dried form is quite expensive, and irrespective of, where to buy fruits – on the Internet at foreign auctions or online pharmacies. Cheapest order from China directly, without intermediaries with their charges, but have to wait long enough.

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