Рутина в отношениях: как ее избежатьLong stable relationship is, on the one hand perfectly. But on the other – very often they become boring and then turn into a burden for both partners.

Boredom creeps up unexpectedly: it seems that just recently in your communications were present romance, cute favors and small follies, and you already meet for morning coffee before leaving for work and limited cold kisses on the cheek goodbye. And you understand that here it is, the infamous routine.

What do you do if you realized this “scary” facts? First of all, calm down and remember that in a similar situation are almost all pairs. However, and to let events take their course by no means impossible. Even if you know a loved one for many years, if you try, it is still possible to constantly discover something new.

In relationships just need to add fresh impetus. To do this you need to be in unfamiliar circumstances, for example, to go along Hiking, hot air balloon rides, skydiving. This will allow you to be alone and Express themselves in an unexpected way. It will make you “shake it off” and forget about their usual lifestyle and the ways it will affect the most favorable way.

Как вернуть отношениям "свежесть"

If you lack the dynamics, skate or ski (in winter), skateboarding or rollerblading (in summer). This pastime will not only be interesting, but will allow you to briefly feel like teenagers.

Can not think of extreme entertainment, and just have a romantic dinner by candlelight, out together to the cinema or a concert, or just to stroll through the picturesque places of the city – exactly as it was when you first started Dating.

If you want to please your beloved, think about what he enjoys, what he dreams of. Maybe he’d like to try yourself as a pilot of the aircraft, or participate in a jousting tournament. Someone will enjoy a steam room, a themed photo shoot or some ballroom dancing lessons. Maybe your lover was happy to go along with you in the spa!

Anyway, show him that he’s still very dear to you, be care and attention. Talk with each other about your favorite music, movies, and sports. You remember what this man hit you once. And if you do it regularly, any routine will not get you scary!

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