To watch is not reconcile the whole closet, where no suitable alternative, you observe a few rules that will help every girl choose the right outfit.

It seemed, what could be easier than to choose a dress? But this is a misconception. All depends on the case for which you need to pick an outfit. Even if you need a dress for use in everyday life, it does not change it. Well, if a young girl is going to the event, in this case, it is best to pay attention to a luxury collection Alyce Paris dresses.
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To start, decide what type and style of dress you like. Can elegant long, or short cocktail dress in a classic style. In any case, the chosen outfit, highlight all your femininity and hide possible drawbacks.
If you want to look taller than you really are – choose-waisted dress, which emphasizes the bust line. Bottom of this dress should be a lush. In the scope of this dress should wear high-heeled shoes.

If you want to look a little thinner and thinner, then you should contact a along, облегающему figure, since the bust line. Thus you will be able to highlight the most subtle and delicate part of your body. Top dress to decorate a deep neckline. This will visually expand the shoulders and torso make thinner.

To create a feminine shape with sexy curves, you must choose a dress on thin spaghetti straps and a skirt which would subside on the bias.
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If you are the owner of lush hips, it is best to choose a dress whose lush and heavy bottom. Waist should облегаться, but in moderation. Because you can achieve the opposite effect, and look much better than you are. Top of this outfit must be open and with a plunging neckline.

There are many methods and rules for the selection of dresses, but do not forget that the most important is convenience and comfort.

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