Not news to information that few people have a perfect figure. And why should all be with the same figure, if everyone has different tastes, and to each his own. Any deficiency can competently hide or reincarnate in dignity. The main health and the desire to look good, but everything else will be able to help designers and stylists.
Правила подбора большой женской одежды1
In the modern world women’s wear of the big sizes has a good, right fit, and is made from pleasant, natural fabrics. Considering the main problem broad hips, it should be noted that it is not necessary to take a broad, multi-layered, the clothes, as she situation even worse. On the skirts should remember that they should not be short, skinny, but must have a vertical seams.

The color scheme is quite big, but the most profitable will look clothes in pastel and neutral colours. The color of the bottom black or any dark. If you want an elegant, bright dress or blouse, you should buy clothes with large colours or patterns, and small patterns will too ruffle in the eyes.

Pay attention to the sleeve of the summer attire. Straps and high sleeve poorly on a full hand, ideal loose sleeve of three quarters.

Jeans and pants to wear it, as they always more skirts, but you should choose them with a low or average waist. Classic pant legs are much cuter than narrowed or flared.
Правила подбора большой женской одежды
With regard to the jackets and trousers, they should be longer than the widest sphere of hips, then the silhouette looks visually slimmer.
Shoes should be comfortable, but heels and wedge make a woman above and effective.

A good outfit will not be without ornaments, costume jewellery and accessories. Bright bracelet, beautiful necklaces, stylish handbag in color shoes perfectly refreshes and updates the image of a woman of any age with any figure.

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