The most important thing and the first rule for hand care is a thorough drying after washing. If the arms are long time wet, is dehydration. Also skin care with which water it faces. If the water is cold and hard, aging and contamination of the hands is much faster, the hardness of water is difficult to change, but to use warm water today, everything is available.
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Online store service today is in high demand among the people. With such stores can be a good idea to save, as if to gather a few people together, we can make wholesale order of things and, as a rule, the price becomes lower by 40-50%, which may affect the demand from buyers. And the range is far greater than in the stationary pavilions.
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Use a mild soap to acidity was about equal to the pH of the skin, the level must be rn. You should not RUB your hands when washing, even if very dirty, use specialized tools for washing. In that situation, if no such tool, you can use lemon, you not only clean hands, but will also brighten the skin.

Use hand cream twice each day, and if you have dry skin, then after each contact with moisture. Specialized cream should be nourishing and healing ingredients for the skin. For example, to the healing of microcracks well contribute cream with chamomile, cream based on aloe moisturize very well to moderate use on the basis of lecithin and glycerin. Also don’t forget to pack their hands can be made from sea or table salt. To mitigate the hands can be used decoctions of potatoes or whey.
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Ladies always take care of the beauty of your hands, because they are your second face.

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