In autumn gentle female hands and charming nails are not enjoying the best of its time. The most common and, unfortunately, inevitable problems that come along with the first frost are peeling skin hands, and splitting and brittle nails. Of course, these troubles can be successfully overcome with the help of a competent and, most importantly, comprehensive care of nails and hands.
Правила осеннего ухода за ногтями2
Well, beautiful, comfortable, fashionable and stylish sweatshirt or jacket with the logo not only keeps you warm on autumn days, and will give an excellent mood. Modern printing on shirts or jackets with the help of screen printing or direct digital effect enables you to make this item of clothing is very recognizable and unique.

Intensive nourishing diet is what is most needed the nails in the cool autumn. So, every day two or three times hands must be pampered with soft nourishing cream, not forgetting to carefully RUB it into the nail plate and cuticle. It is equally important to pay attention to the cuticles to ensure that the growth zone of the nail, which is at its very Foundation was able to breathe freely, consider using a soft wooden stick to gently push back the cuticle. In any case, the cuticle must grow to the base of the nail, because it provokes a slow natural nail growth and the deterioration of their food.

In order to reinforce the nails, it is recommended daily for one week to do baths with vitamin a or sea salt. Very effective in this regard and are natural vegetable oils, especially corn, olive and sunflower. In addition, to significantly strengthen nails by using freshly squeezed lemon juice. It can be used as a standalone, and mixing with sea or ordinary food with salt. And yet autumn ripen healing fruits of viburnum, the juice of which are very positive effect on the condition of the nails is not necessary to forget about it!
Правила осеннего ухода за ногтями3
Rubbing natural essential oils in the nail plate also highly recommended in autumn – as a result of this regular maintenance they become perfectly smooth, strong and healthy.

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