While the human body adapts to cold weather conditions, nails of the hands also need special care. They can become brittle, thin, to lose its luster, to avoid this, there are some tips in winter to maintain healthy nails.

With the onset of cold weather, never want body and comfort. Orthopedic products here for family, may be just what you need, at an inexpensive price can be purchased in Moscow, as our health also depends on what we use and what wearable.
Короткая ногтевая пластина. Как скорректировать невыразительную форму
Nails are one with our body, so if there’s any disease, it can affect the nails and may need to examine his body to find the cause.

If, due to a lack of calcium there is separation of the nail plate, then you need to revise your diet and include in menu cheese and dairy products, most calcium in hard cheese.

Winter is usually not enough vitamins for our body, nails of hands too will suffer from this. You can buy herbs, even in winter, there’s no drawback, and can be purchased in a pharmacy, vitamin complex, which can advise the doctor or pharmacist.
Гелевые ногти 4
Another factor that adversely affects the condition of nails in winter is a cold wind or frost. To protect nails and hands from excessive drying and peeling, it is necessary not to forget to always wear gloves on the street.

Nail care hands


Support nails need not only inside but also outside, for this and your hands and nails need special to moisturize oily creams, the nail can RUB vitamin A and E, which are sold in the pharmacy. It would be good to try to apply on hands and nails coconut oil contains fatty acids, and of the home remedies fat sour cream or cream.


To strengthen nails, should be 1-2 times a week to do the bath with sea salt. Per litre of warm water, you need 1 teaspoon of salt, keep about 10 minutes.
Как ухаживать за руками зимой2
Not least for nails, quality nail Polish, it is better to use this procedure from the master who professionally treated with a nail. At home you will need to choose a good manicure set, but if there are problems with the nail, it is covered with a special varnish treatment. Before you apply the nail nail Polish, need it to first create a protection, because the harmful substances contained in nail Polish can harm your nails.

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