российская косметика класса люксThe elite production of cosmetic products requires a large financial outlay. In addition, this business can make a profit quickly on the development of new drugs and their testing can take years. Apparently, for this reason, the Russian cosmetics of a class “Suite” on the market yet. Despite this, in the future, Russian producers have a chance to make a real elite cosmetics.


Signs of Lux

Than cosmetics luxury” different from the usual high-quality cosmetics, so-called “mass market”? Luxury cosmetic products should be effective and hypoallergenic, but that’s not all: in fact, such requirements shall apply to all types of cosmetics. It is unlikely that someone will frankly useless cream, no matter how much he cost: buy any makeup for the sake of effect.

As a rule, belonging to the class “luxury” implies a serious production costs, both financial and temporal. For such cosmetics should not only raw materials of the highest quality, but also the most modern equipment, and a sufficient amount of time developing and testing new products. This beauty is always unique. Formulas are developed for each asset individually, they must be as efficient as possible.

For the manufacture of such cosmetics are rare, expensive ingredients. They absolutely do not have to be exotic, but their production is usually very complex and expensive.

Active ingredients must be natural and organic. Even the preservatives used are natural, not harming the skin. About the parabens that add in cheap best means for their preservation, not out of the question: only safe additives, for example, purified propolis or derivatives of silver. The use of perfume fragrances for luxury cosmetics uncharacteristically: pleasant smell means give essential oils instead of chemical fragrances.

The production of luxury cosmetics begins with the calculation of the most effective and safe formula.

Ready the tool for a long time testing all sorts of ways, carefully watching its effects on the skin condition, discovering possible side effects and evaluating effectiveness.

Simultaneously, work is under way to create a package that will fit their precious contents. Elite cream is almost never Packed in cheap plastic bottles – even the packaging materials used are noble and beautiful. This package needs to be safe – that is, not to enter into chemical reaction with the components of the elite creams, serums or lotions. Before the designers are challenged to create a package which, on the one hand, to conform to the image of the manufacturer and will be original and memorable.


Not everyone on the shoulder

Manufacturers of cosmetics luxury” usually have their own research centres and laboratories, where ever we study the effect of various components on the skin, developing new formulas. The creation of new effective tools is a slow process and quite costly: even such “giants” in the field of manufacturing of luxury cosmetics like Elizabeth Arden, Christian Dior, Сlinique, Chanel, Givenchy and other new items appear relatively rarely.

In addition, the production of elite funds is rarely mass – this applies to cosmetics for skin care and decorative cosmetics. Cosmetics are often produced in small limited batches, and purchase it can be a challenge.

Every company that manufactures luxury cosmetics, the way of development and history. But Russian companies among manufacturers of cosmetics of a class “Lux” yet.

This is because for many years in Russia (then the USSR) had paid very little attention. Although the Soviet cosmetics was considered good due to the use of natural ingredients to class “luxury” means obviously “did not reach”. The situation began to change in the 90-ies of the last century, when he fell down the iron curtain and the Russian perfumers and cosmetologists had the opportunity to study abroad and to apply this experience at home.


“Mirra-Lux” potential “luxury”

Despite certain difficulties faced and continues to face production of luxury cosmetics in the territory of Russia, there are companies that in the near future, according to experts, to earn the title of elite. Such manufacturers include, for example, the company “Mirra-Lux”.

Today “Mirra-Lux” already has offices in European countries and the Americas. The company has government awards, and the unique “gold series”, created by developers, Myrrh, has earned recognition from leading experts in the field of skin care. In the manufacture of cosmetics “Mirra” uses unique military-industrial development, allowing our specialists to create innovative means.

Often the company “Mirra-Lux” is called only Russian manufacturers of luxury cosmetics. But, according to experts, to rank as “Myrrh” to the class “Lux” is still a bit premature. However, the products of this company have all the chances with time to climb the cosmetic Olympus and earn the right to be called a makeup class “Lux”. Today in the manufacture of cosmetics “Mirra-Lux” uses unique technologies that allow the creams and emulsions as efficiently as possible to work on your skin.

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