Салаты для похудения

That salads for weight loss carry the maximum benefit, no doubt. In fresh and even boiled vegetables and fruit contains a lot of mineral substances, microelements, vitamins and fiber. As a rule, preparation of dishes such does not take much time, but their use helps overweight and at the same time to solve a number of problems rid beriberi, constipation, establish the work of internal organs and systems, normalize metabolism and blood pressure.

Select ingredients

Before you go directly to the recipes of preparation of dietary salads, a few words must be said about how to choose products and salad dishes. Suitable for almost all fresh vegetables and fruits, even bananas and grapes, which are often and unfairly rejected by those who dream to become slimmer. As for vegetables, in the course of thermal treatment, the concentration of nutrients in them is reduced. So if you set a goal to lose weight as soon as possible, go raw. In the end, and different types of cabbage, beets, and carrots, pumpkin, zucchini quite suitable for it.

An important role in the process of losing weight and purification of an organism play such ingredients fruit and vegetable salads, as dried fruits, berries, mushrooms, nuts, seafood, buckwheat, fresh herbs. The last, by the way, not much happens. So feel free to add dishes dill, parsley, green onions, arugula, lettuce, celery, and other gifts of the garden. In winter time it is harder, but many people who carefully monitor their health and nutrition, already solved this problem, and grow the utility on the windowsill or loggia.

With regard to the filling, it in no case should not be high-calorie, and too salty or spicy. Therefore, immediately reject ready-made mayonnaise, cheese and other sauces. Ideal – lightly sprinkle cooked salad with olive or sunflower oil. In some recipes makes more sense to use low-fat natural yoghurt, sour cream or thick yogurt. Add salt to your food, which helps you from body fat, excess water, toxins, should be as small as possible.


Salad «Brush» (The«Broom»). Perfect for a the salad diet. For meals, which contributes to effective colon cleansing, selected vegetables with dense structure – carrots, cabbage, beets, turnips or radish, prunes. Depending on which flavor do you ultimately want to get, you can add sour Apple or clove of garlic. Heat treatment of the ingredients are not exposed. All components of large rubbed, mixed and fuelled by a mixture of vegetable oil (15 g) and lemon juice, 5 grams). Optionally, add salt and black pepper.

Celery salad. The dish is rich in vitamin C and helps to improve health and lower blood pressure and the level of «bad» cholesterol. Chop the pound cabbage and 4 stalks of celery. Three cucumber slice into thin strips. White light-green onions (2 head) chop. Mix all ingredients in a large salad bowl, slightly add salt and remember hands. Fill the dish with olive oil and lemon juice. Garnish with fresh green leaves.

Salad «Fruit panicle». Grate on a coarse grater 1 Apple and 1 kiwi. Orange peel and films and finely chop. All mix, add a tablespoon of flakes «Fitness». Fill the dish of yogurt, mixed with 1.5 tbsp of honey.

Salad «Float». Half a cabbage and red pepper into small pieces thin strips. A couple of stalks of celery cut into thin slices. The beam of any leaf lettuce pick your hands. Grate fresh root ginger to get three tablespoons. Big carrot and three medium apples grate on a coarse grater. Add in the dish canned corn and 2/3 Cup black olives, pitted, fresh greens. Sprinkle cleansing salad with olive oil.

Carrot salad. Grate vegetables on a coarse grater, to add a clove of garlic and season the dish with olive oil. Dish will take a worthy place in the menu the carrot diet. Optionally, add a bit of 3.5%th vinegar and herbs. Featured proportions – half the garlic cloves an average carrots. Similarly prepared beet salad that you can also add the chopped prunes and chopped walnuts.


Nastya, aged 26. Tried salad «Brush». First the guards that it should be beet raw. Thought to be disgusting. It turned out very tasty and at the same time effectively. Dish really «sweeps» of bowel extra is not worse than any laxative herbal based.

Gulya, 28 years. I periodically «подсаживаюсь» on a raw food diet, and it helps me to quickly enough to lose too much. Especially sharply this problem arises after the holidays, all-inclusive» and new year holidays. Recipes of salads take note, especially fruit option «Whisk»I have not heard.

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