салициловая кислота для лицаSalicylic acid was first isolated and later synthesized in the nineteenth century. Since this tool is actively used in medicine and cosmetology. Salicylic acid for the face can be a real salvation, and if the skin is prone to blackheads and pimples. This tool helps in many other dermatological diseases, and is also used for skin rejuvenation.


The action of salicylic acid

Salicylic acid affects the skin comprehensively. First, it has anti-inflammatory action. That is, the use of a solution of salicylic acid reduces inflammation and inhibits its development, and also reduces the chance of new acne. This makes salicylic acid is almost indispensable means to care for problem skin. Sometimes the concentrated solution was applied directly to pimples, and sometimes RUB all over the face to prevent the appearance of new acne.

However, the use of salicylic acid for the face is not limited to the fight against acne. Also salicylic acid has on the skin of local irritating effect. As a result in the skin improves circulation, and therefore all processes are activated. The skin becomes more susceptible to the effects of various nutrients contained in creams, lotions and masks.

Additionally, salicylic acid encourages the sloughing of dead skin cells, that is, promotes skin renewal. As a result, the face looks younger, fine lines disappear, disappear age spots, small scars and scars and other skin blemishes.


Getting rid of whiteheads

Salicylic acid is included in virtually all modern tools for problem skin. Pimples occur under the influence of several factors. Increased oiliness of the skin causes dead skin cells are not removed from the skin surface. As a result the sebaceous glands are clogged, they appear tube – comedones, or “black dots” as they are often called. These black dots are in and of themselves do not look too nice, but if they become infected, then there are inflamed pustules – pustules.

Salicylic acid fights acne problem. On the one hand, this substance helps soften the top layer of the skin, thus preventing the formation of comedones. On the other hand, salicylic acid dissolves sebum, penetrates into the pores. Thus, the old comedones disappear and new ones may appear. Finally, salicylic acid dries the already inflamed pimples, reduces inflammation, promotes faster recovery. While acne does not remain visible scarring, as after inept extrusion.

Unlike many zit funds salicylic acid does not inhibit the immune system and increases the skin’s sensitivity to light. This means that when you use the tool can not be afraid that the person will appear dark spots, while protecting the skin from the sun all the same. She is not only suitable for oily, but for dry or sensitive skin. This, however, cannot be said about alcohol solution of salicylic acid, which dry and sensitive skin can be annoying. However, for sensitive skin created many alcohol-free funds with salicylic acid.

If the skin looks unclean because of the numerous black spots on the nose, forehead and chin, daily will help wipe these areas of the skin with an alcoholic solution of salicylic acid.

Also very effective different masks with the addition of salicylic acid or aspirin. It is only important to use the most simple aspirin, not effervescent tablets. The medication needs to be turned into powder and then mix with water for cooking pasta. This paste is mixed with a small amount of liquid honey. If the skin is dry, you can add a little vegetable oil – olive, almond, peach. The thus obtained mass is applied on the face, excluding the eye area. Mask leave on for 10 minutes and washed with warm water and then applied to a suitable cream.

If you do these masks regularly, the black dots will disappear even without special cleaning. The skin will be smooth, smooth, no pimples. But be aware that the mask may cause an allergic reaction, so you need to apply it carefully, and if the skin irritation appears, it is necessary to refuse from its use.


Salicylic acid for youthful skin

Salicylic acid can slow down the aging process. At the same time the alcohol for Mature skin harmful, so the alcoholic solution of salicylic acid is hardly suitable for rejuvenation.

Usually with salicylic acid make rejuvenating peels. The essence of this procedure is to exfoliate dead cells from the skin surface. Over the years, the skin is renewed more slowly, and chemical peels (including peeling salicylic acid) helps to stimulate this process, promotes skin rejuvenation.

As a result of the scrub improves the complexion, as if the skin begins to glow from within. The procedure activates the production in the skin collagen and elastin that causes the skin becomes more elastic. Wrinkles are smoothed, skin texture is aligned. Together with dead skin cells are removed age spots, skin looks brighter and cleaner than before the procedure.

Salicylic peels you can do at home or in the salon. But in any case it is not necessary to do this procedure, as, indeed, all peelings, just before an important event. The skin regeneration process usually takes several days, during which the face looks not too attractive because of the severe peeling of the skin. But then, when the old cells are permanently removed, the skin will Shine with youth and beauty.

Dmitry Anokhin

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