атласное бельеWomen want to look luxuriously, if not always, from time to time. The impression of the image is not only expensive brand-manufacturer and interesting design service, but, first of all, fabric. Atlas is one of such materials than are brand, producing a beautiful satin lingerie. Such details bound to find in the wardrobe of a woman who wants to seduce her impeccable style and indisputable sexuality.

The Atlas can be made from natural or synthetic fibers, depends on the value of the final product. Natural satin lingerie from a known brand is not cheap, but worth it. Such linen becomes a fashionable investment woman who gives meaning to his image even in the bedroom. Smooth to the touch, a dazzling, radiant Atlas produces an effect which is incomparable with the feeling from the other materials. This makes it one of the favorites in the production of underwear.


Favorable colors

The key to success details lingerie satin in an advantageous combination of colors from the right model. The color scheme satin linen is not limited, but some of the options look much more interesting than other, more luxurious, noble. For anybody not a secret, that the plain shining cloth produce a greater effect than patterned. Lingerie satin can be printed, but then it will bring more pleasure his landlady, who will feel his fine smoothness.

The best version is considered Atlas Navy blue, purple, beige, naturally brown (chocolate), black and red colors. Such satin lingerie regardless of the style, the classic kit, body or nightgown, looks stunningly impressive, even if the linen is not provided an abundance of decorative details. This is the case when the fabric texture and color form a harmonious combination, able to transform the привлекательнейшую nymph any woman. In addition, looks nice linen warm shades of green, pale blue, powder pink, purple or lilac and pearl grey.

Not always a good idea is to buy an satin linen screaming acid color, for example, trendy turquoise, yellow, pink caramel, herbal green. Some models can look more like a swimwear, others, such as pink or fuchsia, women of a certain age look vulgar.


Stylish combination of

The charm of the Atlas is that it blends in well with matte fabrics and decorative elements, which forms a stylish contrast, making a piece of linen fashion art. Classics such a combination – satin basis with lace inserts, for example, the cups of the bra and sides of the front shelves panties. Similar models have in lace part Flirty bows or even medium-sized beads. In separate models often made of satin only bra and panties often lace.

Beautiful romantic combination creates Atlas with chiffon – such underwear includes a Cape with a classical «deuce», with the body or сорочкой. One of the options shirts – satin bodice with waist under the breast, which runs the translucent lightest chiffon fabric.


Acceptable forms of

No matter how beautiful it was satin linen, for carrying it, there are some restrictions, which can be avoided or corrected. Like any fabric with expressive gloss, satin can visually to make the figure more, besides, ugly облегая problem areas with folds and cellulite. Пышнотелым women should be very cautious about choosing a satin linen, especially, to the lower part. Better look for Matt versions or variants with a small number of satin.

Body with satin cloth, tight abdomen, like shirts and other combinations, absolutely contraindicated full of women, especially in bodily or a bright color scheme. Safe alternatives become a fabric with a pattern, spacious cut. One can always find satin linen, which does not emphasize the problematic area of a shape. A full stomach can disguise thick lace fabric and satin leave to underscore the luscious breast.


The most beautiful ways satin linen

You want to buy a satin linen suitable design, but if you never before him were not, you will need to spend a lot of time on the selection of the ideal model. Pay attention to the several versions that have already become classic. Select which one will suit the style.

Win-win model satin linen:

  • pink with black lace or satin trim;
  • solid pearl (muted gray with metallic glow);
  • Golden-beige with a thin grey patterned or embroidered;
  • леопардовое with a black rim;
  • red with delicate lace trim;
  • dark blue or deep purple with lace or exquisite embroidery;
  • bright satin (white, beige, Golden, red with black lace applique.

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