сауна для здоровьяSauna health benefit skin, joints, muscles and relieves neuropathic pain. As you know, there is a sauna and Hamam. What’s the difference?


The differences of the sauna and Hamam

сауна для организма человекаThe Hammam usually two rooms, one with a temperature of about 50°C and the other 37°-38°C. the Body seem so easy hardy to heat with 100% humidity. Unlike Turkish baths, sauna dry steam, and 2-3% moisture. Temperature below 30° and above 90°. Before the sauna you should drink water, because during the procedure the body loses moisture.

You probably think that all saunas are the same. However, there is a difference in temperature and humidity. In addition, saunas can be of different type of heating:

  • Sauna on firewood to heat the stones used wood-burning oven. Usually in a sauna has a fireplace.
  • In a smoke sauna is also heated with firewood, but no fireplace. Smoke and soot stay in the room, and the body is impregnated with the scent of wood smoke.
  • Sauna with electric stove very easy to use. The air is heated very quickly and the heat is easy to maintain.
  • An infrared sauna is not as famous as other types of saunas, but recently it is increasingly beginning to use. In a sauna with infrared rays not the air is heated, and the body of the visitor.


The sauna storage person

Sauna is beneficial to the human body as a whole:

  • In the sauna, the pores expand and the skin begins to “breathe”. The body releases endorphins that help us relax. After you come out of the sauna take a cold shower. Cold tightens pores and vosstanavlivaet the skin;
  • One session of sauna helps to combat stress and tension. Sauna improves sleep;
  • The dry air of the sauna opens the pores and removes toxins from the body;
  • Sauna improves the cardiovascular system. It helps maintain blood pressure at a low level. As the speed increases blood circulation relieves joint pain and excessive fatigue;
  • Sauna places the body in sostanj artificial fever that stimulates the immune system and increases the production of white cells and antibodies to fight diseases. Sauna helps to protect against the flu;
  • Sauna helps produce interferon, which has powerful anti-carcinogenic properties;
  • Regular use of the sauna allows you to maintain blood vessels in good condition;
  • Sauna improves renal function. Sweat from the body come out of different residues, and reduces the load on the kidneys;
  • Sauna helps to lose weight. During one session burns 300 calories;
  • The warmth of the sauna reduces pain from sunburn. The blood rushes to the skin and promotes the healing.

Classic effects of a sauna are pretty simple: clean the skin, improve blood circulation and enlarged pores. And that means the sauna for athletes? Sauna sposobstvuet recovery. It relieves pain in muscles, improves sleep and promotes the release of hormones in a natural way.



There are several contraindications for sauna. If you have heart problems, it is better to abandon the sauna, because high temperatures may cause irregular heartbeat. It is not recommended to go to the sauna for high blood pressure.

Don’t leave the body sticky patches (particularly nicotine): it accelerates blood circulation, promotes the absorption of nutrients.

As for asthma, some experts believe that the sauna is contraindicated, other people say that heat improves breathing.

Before you lie down on the bench, don’t forget to lay a towel. Heat promotes the growth of fungus, athlete’s foot, and so on.


Home sauna

сауна для лица в домашних условияхAt home you can make yourself a sauna for the face. Pour into a bowl of hot water and add 6-10 drops of essential oil. In order for the sauna to be more effective, you can replace the water with hydrolat. Tilt your head over the bowl and cover yourself with a towel. Stay in this position for 10-15 minutes. Steam will expand the pores. Thus, the skin is prepared for absorption of the main active components of essential oils. Then cover face with towel soaked in the hydrolat of witch hazel or cornflower. Towel must be placed in the refrigerator. After the sauna you can make an easy exfoliation, nansei hydrating or purifying mask. And then cover the face with a cold towel soaked in the hydrolat. It will help tighten pores.

Depending on skin type, pick an essential oil. We offer you some recipes sauna for the face.

For dull skin:

  • Water or orange blossom hydrolat + 5 drops of essential oil of orange + (or) 5 drops of geranium oil.

For dry skin:

  • Water or hydrolate of damask rose + 5 drops of essential oil palmarosa + (or) 3 drops of oil rose wood.

For oily skin with black dots or pimples:

  • Water or hydrolat Cistus + 5 drops of grapefruit oil + (or) 3 drops of essential oil of thyme + (or) 1 drop of tea tree oil.

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