SavageSavage (translated «wild») is a Russian company for the years of its existence and activity are formed around a lot of loyal consumers. Today Savage needs no introduction, and even if you don’t have a single thing with this label, you have surely heard about this company. Could not hear.

The company Savage was founded in 2000, the brand is the leader among Russian fashion brands as a manufacturer of clothing. Many of those who are not familiar with the range of Savage, believe that under this brand are manufactured exclusively blazers, jackets, windbreakers, which makes it a domestic analogue of Moncler. But it is not. Indeed, Savage always very bright advertising campaign of the autumn-winter, and in TV commercials, magazines we are accustomed to seeing stylish jacket for the winter. Only range Savage is much broader, and it stores you can buy something better to do than classic feminine coat Park or youth inflated sports jacket.


A successful start

Clothing brand Savage is a style of casual which , depending on the submission and the specific line can be interpreted in different ways, becoming something more relaxed and unpretentious, collected, even intelligent. To find their customers in this segment, the manufacturer is required not just to be able to create and produce good things of high quality. Need a bright advertising campaign, which would draw attention to a little-known brand. For Savage great start with the influx of new fans marked the cooperation with Ksenia Sobchak, which began in 2006.

While Sobchak was scandalous diva Russian television, was considered glamorous lazybones, likely to hamper the development of the brand, which is associated with. But in the case of Savage everything was more than successful. Ksenia Sobchak, which has a lot of admirers, became the face of the brand and attracted the attention of potential buyers – young girls and boys, who started to actively acquire things brand.


Practical Russian fashion

The service Savage is a huge advantage that distinguishes the brand from a number of competitors, domestic and foreign. You can compare the infinitely her clothes with that which is produced in Europe or the USA, but it is senseless. Manufacturers of clothing from these countries produce clothing-oriented features of the climate and weather conditions of his client. Savage able to take everything that is rich in modern fashion of a season and easily adapt it to the Russian reality. Owing to the skilful combination of fashion and practicality, intrinsically linked to the geographical factor, Savage produces warm, comfortable and stylish outer clothing, which is very popular among the young generation and not only.

If you exclude a category only outerwear, you’ll find that in the collections of Savage present model, in no way inferior to their Western counterparts. Here and soft knitted sweaters, vests, with classic and fashionable ornaments, and elegant pencil skirts, and feminine and white patterned blouse, youth tops, Longsleeves, with prints, concise and original dresses, cosy cardigans and many details helping turn around fantasies for subsequent combinations for different occasions.

Today, under the guise of a Savage employs over two hundred stores opened one hundred and fifty cities of Russia. There you can buy latest collection of women’s and men’s clothing, made in accordance with the spirit of the season and the most acute trends presented on the world podium. Designers that create models of clothes for Savage, not to refuse a very skillful plexus youth style, femininity and masculinity models, the application of good combinatorial techniques that are present in the collections of the brand and attract the attention of fashionistas not only young age.

Savage is outfits, combining high usability with modern trends. They dress up people who prefer comfort in appearance, combining it with fashionable note that in no way cry and drew the attention of aggressive cut, neotrazimy forms or bold color combinations. In his collections can be found and stylish youth clothes, and clothes, which will choose the hipsters, model, and past that will not pass young business lady, adhering to the sophisticated business style.

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