платок на головуScarf on the head tie is not as common as on the neck. Modern women are increasingly abandoning of traditional Russian style attributes, afraid to turn into a boring beauties with paintings without a hint of individuality. Great error and the error is that the handkerchief ascribed constrained properties in stylization image. In reality they are much wider, and it means that there are more opportunities to decorate his way and completion of style.

Scarf on the head can be compared with the hat. She, like many others, but few are able to use it for yourself, not knowing exactly what kind of form they will, and doubting, not will they look at her funny. With handkerchiefs the situation is similar, but on closer examination this accessory becomes much on their places. The end result depends not always from the fact that handkerchief you have selected, and from the way his povezivanja. They are rather limited and applicable to specific styles in clothes, so learn how to combine various scarves and ways of their povezivanja with her image is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.


Russian style

The Russian style in fashion for decades, and it is not just about its prevalence in Russia. It juicy authenticity, which echoes with the breadth of the Russian soul in the whole variety of colorful patterns, throughout the twentieth century appreciate the most famous designers of the world. It allows women to enter the traditional Russian shawl and the way of carrying it in your style for the cold season.

Adherents of the style “a La Russe” – fans of classical beauty and femininity.

Colorful handkerchief, folded in half diagonally, worn on the head, the ends crossed under his chin and tied in the back. To get rid of plain image in a rustic style, you can slightly pull the cloth handkerchief back at the nape over the node. Wear this scarf with classic long coat fitted silhouette, it also combines perfectly with short coats and jackets with lush collar made of natural fur from a long NAP.

If you want to create an elegant way with concise coat or trench, take the handkerchief from thin material with flower, and with delicate graphic print. Small shawls-caret, tied in the style of Hollywood stars of the fifties, fastened under the chin and are worn with autumn trench. Examples can be found in the archives of photographs Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve.


Hippie chic

If the Russian style of the shawl on her head is more suitable for the cold season, hippie style is more to the summer style. It is associated with spontaneity, relaxation, freedom, which were typical of the hippie movement.

Shawl made of thin material is folded into the tape and pokazyvaetsya on the head by type Hoop, which embraces the forehead and pulling hair. Scarf on the head in a hippie-style – this is not a hat, and adornment for the hair and the finishing touch of the image.

When the whole surface the simplicity of this style, a handkerchief on your head, you can put them in different ways.

You can change its width from thin strips to wide band, leaving a free top, cross the ribbon, tie knots and bows on the side or in front of the head. Finally, a way of wearing a scarf on her head is perfectly combined with other kinds of decoration: you can pin jewelry brooch, and the accessory can be woven plait of three small scarves of different colors.

To adapt the headscarf in hippie style to the image easily. It is perfectly combined with colored dresses, long chiffon skirts, dresses in the style of Courreges with geometric lines, with jackets-leather jackets, denim jackets and vests, jerseys from artificial and short-haired fur.


Eastern turban

Turban at first glance it seems difficult in the incarnation without skill, but to learn to decorate the handkerchief so easy. Take chiffon or silk handkerchief, put it in the length of the tape in a summary style, you can do the “accordion”. Grasp the ends of the handkerchief, attach the middle part to the neck just above the neck, pull forward, will perekrestila gently, then pull the ends back and tie. If the headscarf is fairly large in length, can be crossed more than once.

The turban is perfect for the beach, also it can be worn with classic women’s outerwear and with summer ensembles in bright colours with short sleeves, jeans, dresses, skirts.


In Egyptian style

Gypsy style does not necessarily imply elegant Gypsy handkerchief embroidered in big red roses. To fit your style in the realities of everyday life, the headscarf should be large is the basic requirement, and printed or plain on personal taste. It looks particularly impressive silk or satin scarf with large geometrical drawing.

Pokazyvaetsya this handkerchief almost like in Russian style, but without crossing the ends under the chin. Long ends tied either directly at the neck, either side of the ear, can make their site. Wear this scarf in hippie image, and combining it with other manifestations of style casual, wanting to give it an authentic note.

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